Brandeisians split over presidential race

“Divisive” is an understatement when describing the 2016 election. This election cycle has been punctuated by episodes of violence, hatred and senseless argument. Tensions have been particularly high at America’s colleges and universities, since they are historically politically charged environments. Brandeis is a particularly political university. “Social Justice” is one of our guiding principles, and […]

Maintain a steady supply of menstrual products at C-store

Brenda was going about her Saturday when she had a surprise visit from Mother Nature. She had started her period, but she had run out of feminine care products. She decided to buy tampons from the C-store. Unfortunately, the only menstrual products available were super tampons. Brenda tried to use the super tampons, but found […]

Universities should counter threats of climate change

New England’s recent bizarre weather patterns have sent anxieties about climate change into high gear. These anxieties are especially apparent at colleges and universities, where the bulk of discussions about climate change are taking place. The environmentally conscious population is beginning to seriously wonder how climate change will affect their daily lives in the near […]

Change unhealthy academic environments at their source

It’s no secret that school has gotten progressively more stressful. Most media coverage of academic stress has focused on high-achieving, privileged high schoolers, but the increasing stress of students is visible at all ages and across all socioeconomic classes. According to a study from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the majority of high school […]

Mary Baine Campbell illustrates effects of literature on her worldview

English majors have a unique worldview. They see the universe through the lens of the habitual reader. The worldview of the English major is often greatly affected by the teachings of the English professor. Through lectures and assignments, English professors like Mary Baine Campbell cannot help but impress some of their individual perspectives on the […]

Create an atmosphere of support for students struggling with stress

Brandeis students are stressed. We have been stressed since before we started university. For our most privileged students, this stress has been cultivated by the external pressures of the “overachiever” culture present in many higher income communities. Our least privileged students often cope with imposter syndrome and the difficulties of navigating a world of higher […]

Bernout: Brandeis’s drop in enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders

Super Tuesday was bleak for Bernie Sanders fans. Although Sanders did take the majority in a few states—Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont—it looks like Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination. This is hardly unexpected. Hillary Clinton is a seasoned politician who has been vocal in D.C. since her husband’s presidency. Sanders is a new […]

Professors: encourage female students to speak up more in class

In one of my politics classes (which will remain unnamed), men speak up far more frequently than women. In an informal tally recording how often men and women spoke in class, about eight male students spoke up per every one female student. This is in a 40-student, gender balanced classroom led by a female professor. […]

Prof. Woll reflects on Brandeis’ changing political landscape

Politics professor Peter Woll has been teaching at Brandeis since the 1964. He has witnessed the reactions of Brandeis students to historical events such as the Vietnam War, the Reagan era and the War on Terror. Throughout his years of teaching, Woll has written several books on American politics, including “American Government Readings and Cases […]

Flagel offers critiques, insights on campus culture and community

Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel joined the administration at Brandeis University in 2011, and relative to other administrators, he is consistently visible to the student body. Recently in an interview, he discussed his history, some of the idiosyncrasies of Brandeis culture and possible campus reforms. Flagel graduated with a Ph.D. in […]

A look inside the Student Union

The Brandeis Student Union plays a huge role in the school functions and activities that make Brandeis special. They plan events, charter and allocate funds for clubs, and connect the administration with the student body. Much of what the Student Union does is behind-the-scenes work, but their efforts directly and openly affect the student body. […]

Lemberg Center a valuable resource

Every Tuesday, Lily Elderkin ’18, walks into the Lemberg Children’s Center to be greeted by a group of enthusiastic toddlers. They run up to her shouting “Lily!” and surround her, each giving her a hug. Since Lily supervises toddlers, aged 22 to 32 months, each day is full of rowdy and playful excitement. Kids at […]

Ford Hall: the historic student center

The buildings on Brandeis’ campus are known for being a melting pot of architectural styles. As buildings are constructed and updated over the years, they contribute to a unique landscape. The variation in styles between buildings creates an unusual visual atmosphere that is uncommon in most universities. One of Brandeis’ most controversial buildings is the […]

Pulitzer winners on the Brandeis faculty

Brandeis’ brash spirit and unique heritage attract an arguably unexpected amount of acclaimed professors. Specifically, we have three Pulitzer Prize winners and two MacArthur fellows. The Pulitzer Prize Winners, David Hackett Fischer (HIST), Eileen McNamara (AMST) and Yehudi Wyner (MUS), have created works spanning a wide range of disciplines. Their works include narrative American histories, […]

Library contains many historical treasures

The impressive contents of the Brandeis library remain unknown to most students. We see the library as a quiet place to work, socialize and occasionally pick up a few books for an assignment. We are largely unaware that we have access to fascinating documents such as an original work by Thomas Aquinas, “Buffalo Bill” dime […]

AAAS Department has vibrant past, important future

Brandeis’ African and Afro-American Studies (AAAS) Department was founded on April 24, 1969, not long after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The department was formed after 70 black students occupied Ford and Sydeman Halls with a list of 10 demands to better their representation. The students, led by Roy DeBerry ’70 and […]