Elana Kennedy’s senior recital

Music performance majors all have to perform in a senior recital, similar to a thesis, to graduate. Not only do they organize, practice and perform an hour of music their senior year, they do it their junior year as well. Elana Kennedy ’17 started working on her senior and junior recitals the beginning of her […]

UTC restructures for coming school year

This article has been updated for accuracy. The way undergraduate theater has worked at Brandeis up until this year will be restructured in the fall of 2017. “Up until this year, the UTC [Undergraduate Theater Collective] was comprised of six distinct clubs: four that produce plays in the Shapiro Campus Center Theater and other locations on […]

Inside the Arcadia London Midyear Program

While most of the Brandeis class of 2020 started their fall semester at Brandeis, 29 of the midyear students spent it abroad in London. For some of these first-years it was the wonderful, British experience they had hoped for, but for many it was a disappointing program. The London program, or more officially, the Arcadia […]

Yasemin Akar and Mark Kohen: Turkish students on Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

For a student coming from Turkey and studying in America in the current political climate, “I’m going from a dictator to a chimpanzee,” said Yasemin Akar ’20. Akar has had this staple joke in her repertoire since the election. Meanwhile, another Turkish Brandeis student, Mark Kohen ’20, says he thought he “was leaving a dictator, […]

Gwen Fraser makes most of Union experience

Starting in student government as a Ziv senator her junior year, later than most students, Gwen Fraser ’17 decided she wanted to return to the Student Union for the fun meetings and great community, as well as the opportunities to do amazing work on campus. Now, she is one of the class of 2017 senators. […]