Short story: ‘The Mountain’s Heart, Pt. 2’

Odgruck stared down into the darkness at the bottom of the cavern, where Mossgran had fallen, a little crease of concern on his brow. Stupid, stupid boy. He sighed. It was the kind of foolishness that came with youth, and honestly, something he should have predicted. He was a good lad, but far too young […]

Short story: ‘The Mountain’s Heart’ (Part 1)

Normally, night in the forest below Crystalshine Mountain was quiet and cold, broken only by the twinkle of fireflies and the chirp of crickets. But tonight, there were two intruders in this peaceful domain. “And I tell you—well, my cousin told me, and he heard it from … doesn’t matter. There’s a ruby in that […]

‘At The Forest’s Edge’: a short story

Buddy was many things. He was happy, most of the time, a sort of haze of contentment that permeated his entire life. He was loved, lounging his days away surrounded by his family. He was also, perhaps most importantly, a dog. His long, fluffy tail waved as he stood in the park, head moving back […]

‘Armored Core 6’: the outline of a masterpiece

“Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon” was released by FromSoftware on Aug. 25, 2023. It is the newest title from the famous creators of the “Dark Souls” series, “Bloodborne” and many other games. But what is it? How does it measure up to their previous titles? And most importantly, is it any good? As the […]

All The Colors of The Sky, Part 2: a short story

Soon, the Stargazer found himself at the door of the Waif’s house. He hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to tell her, before shaking his head and opening the door. She needed him, excuses could wait. “‘Gazer? it’s a bit late… how are you?” he heard her quiet voice from her bed. The Waif’s […]

All The Colors of The Sky, Part 1: a short story

The Stargazer lay on his back, in the gray grass under the moonlight, and looked to the stars. Despite the late hour and his thin clothing, he felt no cold. Indeed, he lacked even the concept—none in the Village felt, or had ever felt, the cold, or the heat, or the feeling of the grass […]

The Mermaid and the Sky Pearl

Aria stared at the oyster, eyes thin and focused, tail waving slowly behind her. In one hand, she held a stone, washed smooth by the sea. With her other, she moved aside the kelp of the forest, letting her clearly see her goal. There was little light this deep in the ocean, but what was […]