Mira T. Lee visits Brandeis to read passages from her book, “Everything is Beautiful”

Mira T. Lee read a few chapters from her critically acclaimed debut novel, “Everything is Beautiful,” at Brandeis this week. Lee’s book illustrates a young woman’s descent into psychosis from multiple perspectives, including first and third person narration, such as a chapter written from the perspective of a health behavioral psychology ward. The reader sees […]

‘More Weight’ reminds us of current political climate

The Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center’s Kniznick Gallery is currently featuring “More Weight,” a thought-provoking solo exhibition by Philadelphia artist Rachel Stern. The gallery was transformed, decorated with royal blue carpeting and richly colored draping over the walls. Velvet-gloved, bodiless, red and blue hands poke out of the drapery and point accusingly at the artwork, […]