BBC’s ‘Ghosts’ has ended and I will never forgive it for that

“Gravity Falls” was released when I was a fifth grader and ended during the latter half of my eighth grade year. It defined—and still does define—that era for me. Its ending, all about growing into a teenager and leaving something special behind, hit very close to me at the time. BBC’s “Ghosts,” which began in […]

Reviewing the reality shows me and my dad like

This is not my most relatable article topic, but my reputation is niche and I am simply living up to that. Every summer, my parents and I have to fill three months of nights up with television, and when we inevitably run through every good show we can all agree on, we resign ourselves to […]

A conversation with Derek Zanetti of the Homeless Gospel Choir

After dropping off lasagna at a friend’s house, Derek Zanetti spoke to me from his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He lives there with his wife Lindsey and their dog Winnie. Zanetti is a multimedia artist best known for his punk rock band The Homeless Gospel Choir. His distinctive Pittsburgh accent rings as clearly when we […]

Brandeis students hold walkout to protest police brutality

On Nov. 13, 2023, members of the Brandeis community left their classes and other commitments to gather on the Great Lawn in response to the arrest of seven members of the protest that occured on Friday, Nov. 10. Close to 100 people silently kneeled and sat on the Great Lawn, carrying blank papers as part […]

Protest about the derecognition of Brandeis SJP ends in arrests, violence

On Friday, Nov. 10, Brandeis students held a protest surrounding the recent derecognition of Brandeis’ chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Brandeis Revolutionary Students Organization (RSO), advertised the event on their Instagram account, saying in a post that the rally was being held “in support of Palestinian people and their struggle for peace, […]

Incoherent ramblings disguised as a ranking of slasher franchises

To round off the Halloween season, which for lack of a fourth October issue of The Hoot is still going strong until Nov. 3, this week’s article, which I am honestly shocked I never wrote before, is a ranking of slasher franchises. These rankings will be primarily based on the quality of the movies in […]

‘Cobweb’ is severely underrated

Through split reviews, poor advertising, and the most abysmal release date (mid-July and the same weekend as Barbenheimer), “Cobweb” was forgotten before anyone even got the chance to watch it. This is a cinematic tragedy rivaling the “Creep” series never receiving a theatrical release. “Cobweb” is one of the weirdest and most creative horror movies […]

‘Totally Killer’ is a quality October release

A time-traveling comedy slasher murder mystery movie. We have all been on this rollercoaster many times before. Does “Totally Killer” do anything new? Add intrigue to the well-saturated “new take on horror” genre? Not really! But that’s fine. “Totally Killer” is well-made, entertaining and a necessary release for the Halloween season. “Totally Killer” does not […]

Why did anyone allow “No One Will Save You” to be released?

“No One Will Save You” spurred an unjustifiable amount of anger in me. It is not the worst movie, my expectations for it weren’t high and yet I have not seen a movie I hate this much since “M3gan.” And I despise that movie. Released to Hulu in mid-September, “No One Will Save You” is […]

I really liked ‘Cassandro’

It is hard to categorize “Cassandro” alongside other biopics. It tells the story of a luchador who changed the part an “exotico” wrestler (basically a wrestler who wears drag) could play. Luchadors, much like WWE wrestlers, are athletes as well as performers. The real Cassandro, AKA Saúl Armendáriz, was a dynamic fighter with a memorable […]

I am glad I watched ‘Theater Camp,’ but it is not for everyone

In the summer camp genre, it can be hard to differentiate yourself. It is a surprisingly crowded setting that has been stretched in seemingly every direction. Slapstick, slasher, feel-good, musical, raunchy and non-raunchy romance, the list goes on. “Theater Camp” manages to stand out.   “Theater Camp” is a mockumentary-style depiction of a small performing […]

‘Meg 2’: too many meg

“Pause it, I don’t want to miss how stupid it is.” Not once since its release did “The Meg” occur to me to be an actual movie. Like, I can’t just sit down and watch … “The Meg.” The one where Jason Statham punches a big shark with his fist? It’s not real. It’s a […]

Musings on the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a test the majority of prospective law school students must take in order to apply for law school. As a prospective law student myself, it has overtaken my life since September of 2022. One full year of obsessive studying, practice tests and close following of the pre-law subreddit […]

“You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” exceeded my low expectations

“You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” (YASNITMBM) is a Netflix Original from Happy Madison Productions starring Adam Sandler and his entire family. This spiritual sequel to “Uncut Gems” (not really, but a girl can dream) outlines the many dramas and difficulties that can occur during a middle school girl’s bat mitzvah year. […]

‘Oppenheimer’ may be Christopher Nolan’s best movie

Any excitement I had for “Oppenheimer” stemmed largely from my anticipation of “Barbie” and the Barbenheimer meme (which was immense). Unfortunately, due to timing complications, as of writing this article, I still have not seen “Barbie,” but I think I have been turned into a Christopher Nolan fan. The most remarkable achievement of “Oppenheimer” is […]

A conversation with John Warmb of Rent Strike

Close to midnight, after their concert at the American Legion right here in Waltham, I sat down with John Warmb (they/them), the lead singer, guitarist/banjoist and songwriter for Rent Strike, a (for once self-proclaimed) folk punk band originating out of Lansing, Michigan. And just a few minutes of talking with Warmb leaves no doubt as […]

If you love ‘Ted Lasso,’ watch ‘Shrinking’

It is shocking that “Shrinking” has not yet received the acclaim of its sister show, “Ted Lasso.” Unless you are an avid user of Apple TV+, you have likely never seen the sitcom-style dramedy which stars Jason Segel and Harrison Ford, but I cannot recommend it higher.  “Shrinking” follows Jimmy (Jason Segel), a terrible, but […]

Crazy and the Brains is more than a punk band

At a cafe across from the Middle East Restaurant and Club in Cambridge, four exhausted men sat around a table. The most extravagantly dressed of the four, Christoph Jesus, sporting a colorful button-down shirt and backward flat cap, was who I spoke with most directly. Jesus is the founder, singer and lead songwriter of the […]

Author Mecca Jamilah Sullivan comes to Brandeis University

On March 16, 2023, author Mecca Jamilah Sullivan came to the university to discuss her debut novel “Big Girl,” the latest in the Creative Writing Reading Series. The event, according to an email sent out by Barbara Strauss, the Senior Department Coordinator, was “cosponsored by the Mandel Center for the Humanities and the Department of […]