‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ is the best Ghostbusters movie in a long time

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” was a surprise. Both because I had no idea this movie had been released until the day I watched it and because it was actually good. Very watchable. The sequel to a just ok sequel, released 32 years after an also just ok sequel, does not come with high expectations, but “Frozen […]

Why aren’t all of you back on Tumblr?

Tumblr, since its infancy, has been capitalistically dead in the water. Any and all attempts to increase its profitability directly leads to users leaving the app. No example of this is more infamous than the December 2018 porn ban resulting in, literally, one third of the user base abandoning Tumblr. But even before the great […]

‘Masters of the Air’ is high quality World War II schmaltz

“Masters of the Air” (MOTA) is yet another big budget World War II show about bomber pilots. The nine-part biographical miniseries on Apple TV from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks treads well-worn grounds, yet creates a show full of interesting characters, emotional resonance, and moving historical reenactments. In interviews, Hanks has talked about how important […]

An interview with Elliot Lozier of Doom Scroll

Elliot Lozier and I stood beneath an awning, both underdressed for the unexpectedly snowy weather. We spoke outside Deep Cuts, a Medford music venue where I sprained my ankle just five months prior—moshing to one of Lozier’s bands. Lozier had just finished his set with his newest band, Doom Scroll, which he formed about three […]

‘The Passenger’ is a great crime thriller character study

“The Passenger” is an excellent film released last year that has not gotten its deserved attention. This hyper-violent, often disturbing road trip movie is filled with non-stop excellent performances, complex, well-written characters and a thrilling plot line that will keep audiences cringing at the edges of their seats for the entire hour and half runtime.  […]

Amigo the Devil’s ‘Yours Until the War is Over’: album review

“Yours Until the War is Over” is the fourth album released by Amigo the Devil, one of the most slept-on artists currently producing music. The album is a thematic continuation of Amigo’s past discography, and should not only leave long time fans impressed at the extremely high level of songwriting he has maintained on every […]

Boomer-esque rant about laptops in class

To preface this irrationally rage filled diatribe that has been boiling inside of me for four years, I would like to note a few things. First, this is not a personal attack, I have no one student or class in mind when making these complaints, I have dozens. Second, I am a social sciences student […]

‘Landscape with Invisible Hand’ is a smart and surprisingly serious satire

“Landscape with Invisible Hand” is a terrible movie title. It fits within the context of the movie, reminiscent of the title of a fine art piece, but it is overly pretentious and simply impossible to remember. The actual movie, “Landscape with Invisible Hand,” does not share those issues. An absurd, cynical, political satire told through […]

‘The Curse,’ a review

Have you ever had a dream that overwhelmed you with stress? You miss an important class, get into legal trouble or have a major drama amongst your friends? Then, when you wake up, you are filled with relief because you actually don’t have to deal with that stressful thing. That is what it is like […]

‘Interview with the Vampire’ (2022) has consumed my brain

I realize I am a little late to the punch with my discovery of the “Interview with the Vampire” TV show, but I cannot restrain myself from reviewing it. This show is incredible, and while I only finished the series this week, I am already in agony waiting for season two. For context, I am […]

‘Leave The World Behind’ succeeds despite a clear failure of confidence

There are many things I love about “Leave the World Behind.” When I describe it, I can’t help but call it a great movie. I have so much respect for the storytelling, for the acting and just the creativity displayed. But, in the same breath, this movie makes me furious. There are significant aspects of […]

My favorite baked good recipes

In the circles I belong to, I am known as a baker. I bake frequently and somewhat well. I even worked as a baker for a summer. If you invite me to a party or I am expected to give you a gift, there is a not insignificant chance you will receive a baked good. […]

BBC’s ‘Ghosts’ has ended and I will never forgive it for that

“Gravity Falls” was released when I was a fifth grader and ended during the latter half of my eighth grade year. It defined—and still does define—that era for me. Its ending, all about growing into a teenager and leaving something special behind, hit very close to me at the time. BBC’s “Ghosts,” which began in […]

Reviewing the reality shows me and my dad like

This is not my most relatable article topic, but my reputation is niche and I am simply living up to that. Every summer, my parents and I have to fill three months of nights up with television, and when we inevitably run through every good show we can all agree on, we resign ourselves to […]

A conversation with Derek Zanetti of the Homeless Gospel Choir

After dropping off lasagna at a friend’s house, Derek Zanetti spoke to me from his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He lives there with his wife Lindsey and their dog Winnie. Zanetti is a multimedia artist best known for his punk rock band The Homeless Gospel Choir. His distinctive Pittsburgh accent rings as clearly when we […]

Brandeis students hold walkout to protest police brutality

On Nov. 13, 2023, members of the Brandeis community left their classes and other commitments to gather on the Great Lawn in response to the arrest of seven members of the protest that occured on Friday, Nov. 10. Close to 100 people silently kneeled and sat on the Great Lawn, carrying blank papers as part […]

Protest about the derecognition of Brandeis SJP ends in arrests, violence

On Friday, Nov. 10, Brandeis students held a protest surrounding the recent derecognition of Brandeis’ chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Brandeis Revolutionary Students Organization (RSO), advertised the event on their Instagram account, saying in a post that the rally was being held “in support of Palestinian people and their struggle for peace, […]

Incoherent ramblings disguised as a ranking of slasher franchises

To round off the Halloween season, which for lack of a fourth October issue of The Hoot is still going strong until Nov. 3, this week’s article, which I am honestly shocked I never wrote before, is a ranking of slasher franchises. These rankings will be primarily based on the quality of the movies in […]

‘Cobweb’ is severely underrated

Through split reviews, poor advertising, and the most abysmal release date (mid-July and the same weekend as Barbenheimer), “Cobweb” was forgotten before anyone even got the chance to watch it. This is a cinematic tragedy rivaling the “Creep” series never receiving a theatrical release. “Cobweb” is one of the weirdest and most creative horror movies […]

‘Totally Killer’ is a quality October release

A time-traveling comedy slasher murder mystery movie. We have all been on this rollercoaster many times before. Does “Totally Killer” do anything new? Add intrigue to the well-saturated “new take on horror” genre? Not really! But that’s fine. “Totally Killer” is well-made, entertaining and a necessary release for the Halloween season. “Totally Killer” does not […]