Peacebuilder Dr. John Paul Lederach receives Gittler Prize

Dr. John Paul Lederach understood early on that listening to those who suffer in conflicts is key to ending the imperial pattern of U.S.-led peacebuilding. He had to “unlearn” overtly imperial peacebuilding methods—methods that don’t encourage listening to or respecting locals, nor do they offer permanent solutions. Lederach was awarded the Gittler Prize, which strives […]

Students in BAASA, WoCA and MoCA analyze masculinity in communities of color

Students attending “Unpacking Masculinity in Communities of Color” learned about and discussed what the core of masculinity is, and how this “man-made” concept has the capacity to harm many, depending on who controls the narrative. Around 40 Brandeis students attended the event, which was held Wednesday evening in the Intercultural Center. Brandeis Asian American Students […]

Taste is more complicated than we think, says Dr. Kathrin Ohla

Taste, as we think of it, doesn’t really exist, according to human gustation researcher Dr. Kathrin Ohla. Our expectations, past social experiences, other sensory systems and the sequence in which food comes into our mouths help to shape our taste judgements, Ohla told an audience of students and faculty as part of the joint neuroscience/biology […]

License to chill: Brandeis students’ special edition

I lived and worked on campus this past summer. I wanted a break after The Semester We Aren’t Going to Talk About, and I wanted to clear my face acne, courtesy of said semester.   But then one day in August, my summer of relaxation went caput. At SciFest. For those who don’t know, SciFest is […]

New professor run over by truck on first day

Professor Geoffrey Clarke, a first-year economics lecturer at Brandeis University, sustained multiple injuries in a truck-pedestrian collision on the pedestrian crosswalk of Turner Street and South Street before teaching his first class at Brandeis. As Clarke was walking up South Street to the International Business School on the morning of Aug. 28, a truck pulled […]

Brandeis hires three new employees, including a new VP of student affairs

Brandeis University has hired several new staff members for the fast approaching academic year. Raymond Ou will permanently replace Sheryl Sousa as the Vice Provost of Student Affairs.  The new senior vice president for communications, marketing and external relations, Dan Kim, will start on Sept. 1, and the new academic advisor working with last names […]