‘Heartstopper’ is the feel-good LGBT coming of age show we needed

Based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Alice Oseman, “Heartstopper” very literally stopped the hearts of viewers when it was released on Netflix on April 22. The British TV show follows the lives of queer high school students as they come into their own, recognize their identities and grow as individuals […]

Thoughts on over-achievement and expectations

I constantly put way too much pressure on myself and somehow, despite always being overwhelmed and anxious, the fact that I complete everything I throw at myself means I will never learn. This might just be a me thing, but it’s something I have grappled with a lot at Brandeis since most people put up […]

‘Inviting In:’ a ball celebrating diverse queer identities on campus

On Saturday April 2, students from various groups on campus hosted the second ever queer drag ball at Brandeis University entitled “Inviting In: A Ball Celebrating Pride.” The ball was a follow up to a similar event, “Drag Me to the Stein,” which occurred in October.    The event was hosted in the lobby of […]

Brandeis Relay for Life: raising funds and healing together

On Sat. March 26 at 5 p.m., student organizers hosted Relay For Life of Brandeis University, a fundraising event put on as an extension of the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research. Brandeis Relay For Life is run by a group of students with a passion for cancer awareness who have been […]

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is over-qualified; attacks by conservatives are baseless

This past Monday, the Senate began their confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. While this process is significantly less grueling than previous confirmation hearings as conservatives will still hold the majority of Supreme Court seats, Jackson’s nomination shows why appointing the first Black woman to the Supreme Court is important. But […]

Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative featured in Brandeis Magazine

Highlighted within the most recent issue of Brandeis Magazine is one of Brandeis University’s many programs created to educate and support the community, the Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative (BEJI). BEJI was founded in 2019 by Legal Studies and English faculty members Rosalind Kabrhel (LGLS), John Plotz (ENG) and David Sherman (ENG) with a focus on […]

American drug epidemics and their responses: perceptions of drug users vary along racial lines

The United States has been struggling with the ever-worsening opioid epidemic since the 1990s when increased opioid prescriptions led to widespread opioid addiction. Driven by greed, private companies fraudulently marketed highly-addictive narcotics as safe for moderate pain — as seen in the case of Purdue Pharma and their drug Oxycontin. Growing up in New Hampshire […]

The onslaught of anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2022 is purposefully bigoted

*Content warning: contains mention of suicide   Conservative parents and lawmakers are terrified of queer people. They are scared of queerness and queer joy, and the fact that openly queer people do not subscribe to their old-fashioned religious ideologies is appalling to them. This disdain and ignorance can be seen in the slew of anti-LGBTQ […]

GSC Pride Reps: a new support system for LGBTQ students at Brandeis

For many students, finding their community is the scariest and hardest thing to do when transitioning to college. For queer and questioning students, this search can feel even more daunting. Since its beginning, the Brandeis Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) has provided a comforting space for students—regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation—to feel […]

‘Just relax!’: stop the stigma surrounding mental healthcare

I am tired of being told to relax. Not only is that the most unhelpful suggestion, but it assumes that I am at all capable of relaxing and that I wouldn’t be relaxing even if I was able to. As someone with anxiety and depression, the campaigns of mindfulness can be helpful for some, but […]

Brandeis hates hot girls with stomach issues

Having a sensitive stomach or food allergies comes with a lot of costs including but not limited to: not being able to eat the cookies your friend makes, not being able to safely eat out most places and not being able to enjoy many foods without some sort of suffering later on. One of the […]

Living in Grad is not the step up in housing you expect it to be

If you have ever wanted to live in a building where you are either too hot or too cold at all times then the Charles River Apartments—also known as Grad—are right for you! My experience living in Grad has honestly been worse than my experiences living in the two other dorms I have had at […]

Persecution complexes of the American Right

Something I have learned in the past few years is that people love to say they are being persecuted when they are faced with a minor inconvenience or a social responsibility. For example, people complain of “cancel culture” when they are fired from their job for calling people racial slurs on video. The last thing […]

Euphoria season two strays from original aesthetic but discusses its classic themes

The beginning of this semester has been noticeably bleaker than others. Because of this, I have been spending my time looking forward to every Sunday night when a new episode of “Euphoria” season two airs. There’s something so addicting about the show, which began in 2019. The cast of characters each brings their own flaws, […]

Midnight Buffet was a flop

In early December the Student Union held Midnight Buffet, a large-scale late-night event with a variety of food options for Brandeis students. Unfortunately, this event occurred after our last publication of the semester, so I was unable to criticize it until now. But I, as well as many other students I have heard from in […]

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: A super enjoyable two-and-a-half hour long callback

*Spoilers ahead: I recommend not reading until you watch it!   Like the rest of the world, I have joined in the Spider-Man renaissance. Throughout winter break I spent my days in between work and studying watching every Spider-Man movie, preparing for what I knew was going to be an amazing combination of the live-action […]

Criticisms of Christmastime

I love the holiday season as much as the next person. I love the season for its chill in the air that can be warmed up by hot chocolate and sitting by a fireplace. I love winter activities and festivities and lights. I love being with family and friends and giving them thoughtful gifts. But […]