The pleasures of internet horror

Amateur horror writing is a dynamic yet perennial feature of online culture. Many of us grew up reading creepypastas about characters like the Slenderman and Jeff the Killer. Maybe you even tried to convince your friends that they were real. You may look back upon these stories as poorly written attempts at emulating “real” horror […]

Let’s Talk About Tik Tok

In light of recent events, Tik Tok has become relevant on a scale that feels unjustified to many. There is a potent stigma against Tik Tok, with people discarding it as “that app where kids do stupid dances,” and I take some issue with this. While it is true that the most popular content on […]

Was Lonelygirl15, a secretly scripted endeavor, ahead of its time?

Have you ever been a fan of daily vlogs? No, I am not referring to the Jake Paul style of highly produced content which has risen to popularity in the last five or so years. While I would like to give as little credit as possible to Jake and his peers, there is something impressive […]

Alan Resnick’s mild horror of the mundane surreal

A year ago, I would have stated that life is slow most of the time. Very little happens day to day, and it is only in the long run that we see dramatic change. Today, that statement might be met with some disagreement. One of the lessons I think we should take away from this […]

‘Surveillance Camera Man:’ The greatest video on Youtube

Imagine yourself out in public. You could be alone or with your family. It could be noon or three in the morning. A man approaches you holding a camera. He is a complete stranger, and you can think of no reason as to why he would be filming you, so you ask him what he’s […]