To the next President of the United States

Dear Mr(s). President, I have not been able to escape this year’s presidential election. Media sources from Twitter to Channel 5 have been overwhelming me about whether you stumbled or went mute on an interview with Larry King. I have heard opinionated rants about you from everyone, including my barely bilingual grandmother and even strangers […]

Achieving well-being: mental health

“I am taking a mental health day” is a phrase we have all heard and most likely have said ourselves. Either way, the use of this phrase is an acknowledgment that mental health is something that must be maintained rather than kept in a static state. Only 17 percent of adults in the United States […]

The expectations of putting on the gloves

Expectations carry many forms and reflect themselves in almost every aspect of our existence. We often associate people with our expectations: how they disappoint or surprise us. Nevertheless, they are only small parts of the environment that we find ourselves in. What actually happened on move-in day or during something similar were probably nothing like […]

College students represent skewed sample

Sleep deprivation, binge drinking, eating disorders, bullying and suicide are some of the health-detrimental results of stress. In fact, such behaviors can lead to more stress, trapping their most common victims—college students—in a vicious cycle of stress. These stress-related health issues make a college campus into a pressure cooker, waiting to cause catastrophe amongst its […]

The College Campus: A Public Health Perspective

Health: Science Society and Policy (HSSP) is a popular major at Brandeis, but even those students who study health lose sight of their own well-being. Late teens and early twenty-somethings are usually the image of health: youthful and in their prime of life. So if people like you and me are the pictures of this […]

Overcommitted, the Brandeisian story of citizenship

This past Sunday, the Great Lawn was a setting for a semesterly ritual that has come to be known as the Activities Fair. To the untrained eye, it seems like a burst of energy at the beginning of the semester, a joyous occasion filled with the sounds of enthused members of the Brandeis club community, […]

Students have company in urge to excel

The world does not seem like a friendly place. Seniors are facing the realities of the job market and the obstacles they must face for entry-level positions. Meanwhile, underclassmen struggle against each other for unpaid internships or even volunteer opportunities. Even in classrooms, students push themselves either to get that ‘A’ they have their eye […]

The bitter reality of coffee

Not everyone likes coffee, but those who do need it more than almost anything else. Those ubiquitous coffee lovers haven’t always needed coffee, though. For most people, sometime in high school or even in college, coffee becomes a necessity, a type of chemical dependency similar to, though less serious than, other drug addictions. I don’t […]

Setting priorities

At the beginning of every semester, there are a lot of choices to make. There’s the obvious choice of class selection. Ideally, these have already been chosen the semester prior during early registration, but we all know that that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, we are not only figuring out how a lecture or recitation […]

Dress to succeed

Imagine yourself in a professional outfit: collared shirt, slacks and blazer. Now imagine you’re at a room full of other college students dressed like that, say at a career and internship fair. Employers stand behind a table, and they know exactly why all these young adults are dressed so well. They know what they have […]