Find meaningful solutions to housing problems

Ziv, Rosie, Ridgewood, East, Castle, Mods, Grad, Massell, North and Village: the places we have seen many times and maybe even dreamed of living in during our time at Brandeis. When you are an incoming first-year you have no choice of where you end up living. You barely know the difference between Massell and North […]

Remember Usen Castle in wake of impending demolition

Everyone who has toured our campus has seen it. We were told the legends that surround it and how maybe some day we could live there too. I personally remember gaping in awe with my friend who visited with me only two short years ago. Usen Castle may be just another piece of non-cohesive architecture […]

Take action to reduce student stress levels

In my first semester at Brandeis, I learned a few things. If you are going to eat at a normal mealtime, expect crowds. I learned that curves on tests are your best friend, but there are only so many Usdan quesadillas you should eat in one week. But out of all the new experiences I […]

Create safe spaces for survivors of sexual assault

Over Halloween weekend, having no idea what it was about, I went to see “The Love of the Nightingale.” I had just heard that it was well performed and a friend of a friend was in it, so I went. What I wasn’t expecting was a play that touched upon so many controversial topics, from […]

Halloween costumes can be horrifyingly ignorant

Halloween, in my opinion, is one of the best holidays. As a child you get to dress up as a princess or a superhero and go door to door, getting a pillowcase-full of candy to sneakily eat later once your parents are asleep. As a teenager and a young adult, Halloween is a time to […]

Clubs are more than just a pastime

Brandeis may have its faults, but one thing the university excels at is student involvement through a variety of clubs. There is a club for everything here, from the pole-dancing club, to gamers, to a cappella, even The Hoot. Anything you can imagine is a club on this campus, and if by some odd occurrence […]

But first, should I take a selfie?

Do you remember a time before Instagram and Snapchat? Surprisingly, it was only four years ago that Instagram and Snapchat were introduced to the public. In those four years, both social media platforms have blossomed into beautiful sharing spaces for imaginative photos and artwork. Please excuse my thinly-veiled sarcasm. I use both Instagram and Snapchat. […]

Students Could Benefit From a Good Smile and Cathartic Cuss

As midterm season begins, I can feel a wave of fatigue and melancholy wash over campus. I see people moping around between classes, exhausted after getting little to no sleep because they had to finish an essay or study for an exam. Students come out of classrooms with a disheartened attitude over their latest grade […]

What is really in our food?

Imagine this: You have exactly forty minutes between your last class and your lab period for lunch, but you still have to do the pre­lab work. You rush to Usdan Dining Hall, and hastily hand your card to the person working at the cash register. For a quick and easy lunch, you make a beeline […]

An outdated custom, tipping should be abolished

Imagine that you are out to dinner with your significant other. Maybe it is a first date, maybe it’s your anniversary, but it is a romantic meal at a fancy restaurant. You have just finished a delicious dessert of tiramisu or a delicious slice of apple pie a la mode. You remove your silk napkin […]

Beauty and the blush

Some mornings I wonder why I even put on makeup, especially when I spend three minutes of my life, which I could have spent sleeping, making sure my eyeliner doesn’t make me look like a raccoon, or when I carefully and slowly re-apply lipstick in the bathroom, making sure I don’t end up with a […]