‘Baby J’ is an unfiltered and up-close look at John Mulaney’s breakdown

Throughout most of his career, John Mulaney had a reputation for being a personable and noncontroversial comedian. With his crisp suits, megawatt smile and a fun wife that he seemed to love, Mulaney had admiration from millions of fans around the world. While he talked openly in the past about his days of being a […]

‘Air’ is an exciting look at how Michael Jordan became Air Jordan

When people are asked to think of the greatest basketball player of all time, they will most likely think of Michael Jordan. Ever since he joined the NBA, and even before that, he has shown absolute skill on the court, leading to a legendary status. Not only has he become known for his basketball skills, […]

The 95th Oscars recap: The dazzle, dancing and donkey

Awards season has unfortunately come to an end. It sure has been quite a season, and it all went out with a bang. On March 12, the 95th annual Academy Awards aired live on ABC. The stars came to look their best and win some awards. Now, as far as Oscars ceremonies go, this was […]

Martin Baron selected as the 2023 Richman Fellow

Martin “Marty” Baron was selected as Brandeis’ Richman Fellow for Public Life. The Richman Fellow is awarded to someone “whose contributions have had a significant impact on improving American society, strengthening democratic institutions, advancing social justice or increasing opportunities for all citizens to realize and share in the benefits of this nation,” according to the […]

‘Tár’ is slow and steady, but is carried by its lead performance

Historically, the world of conductors and classical music has been dominated by straight men. This can be seen as a toxic culture, and many people believe that there needs to be shakeups and to welcome diversity. Even though society can move away from that culture, there may still be some deep toxicity lurking. That is […]

The 95th Oscars: What will win and what should win

Calling all film lovers, it is that time of year again. I’m going to be perfectly honest, this was not my favorite movie year. While some films were exemplary, the lineup as a whole was kind of mixed and not that mind-blowing. I found last year to be a better year and the year before […]

‘She Said’ has plain storytelling, but harsh truths

In the Hollywood industry and many workplaces, women were historically taught to keep quiet and let the men take control. This all changed with the #MeToo movement. This allowed women to finally speak up about the harassment they had been facing. A lot of this began with sexual assault accusations against revered movie producer Harvey […]

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ is a quiet film that packs a humorous punch

Many people in today’s world have gone through the experience of being randomly unfriended online without knowing why. This may seem like a modern problem, but what if it was a problem experienced in the early 20th century on a remote island? That question is reflected in the film “The Banshees of Inisherin.” This film […]

‘The Whale’ is a fascinating yet emotionally draining character study

“Do you ever get the feeling that people are incapable of not caring?” This question is pondered in Darren Aronofsky’s film “The Whale.” This is a film that is meant to show that even if there may be some bad qualities in people, there may be some good qualities that lurk underneath, and vice versa. […]

Season 2 of ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ has odd pacing, but great comedy

College is a time for new experiences, adventures and connections. This is the theme for HBO Max’s comedy series “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” The show’s first season premiered to great acclaim in 2021. As of Dec. 15, 2022, the entire second season is available for viewing. The show follows four suitemates attending the […]

65th Grammy Award nominations: The snubs, surprises and scandals

It’s that time of year again. On Nov. 15, nominations for the 65th Grammy Awards were announced. This is a time when some of the most talented artists of the year get recognition for their hard work. The Recording Academy is made up of highly esteemed and reputable people who vote for the cream of […]

Brandeis journalism dep. hosts event about the history of abortion

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a historic landmark case that made abortion a protected right. Overturning this case means that it is up to the states to decide if people have the right to a safe abortion. The discrepancies between states and their protected rights has made abortion a hot-button […]

‘13’ is predictable, but full of youthful energy and toe tapping numbers

In 2008, “13” premiered on Broadway with the entire cast being made up of tweens and teens. Even though it closed after only two months, it captured the hearts of many fans. Fourteen years later, this musical has hit the big screen. Audiences across the world can now see “13,” a tale of what it […]