Rally the alumni

Just a few days ago, President Ron Liebowitz spoke for 40 minutes on the future of our second home, Brandeis University. When looking at our university, I see a thriving youthful glow radiating around desires to achieve social justice and success. Brandeis has grown to a level of excellence, but even the most well-centered forces […]

What I wish I knew: Einstein’s needs a change

You see it, right? You know what I’m talking about: the black circles under your eyes, the sluggish movements of everyone around you, the mass exodus from class right to the library. Some may think zombie apocalypse, others may think rapid illness, but we college students know better. It is the hectic, sporadic time of […]

What I wish I knew: don’t be afraid to call BEMCo

Procrastination did not even begin to encapsulate how much I was putting off writing my essay Friday night. I was not ready for my night to end because once it did, my paper awaited. Nevertheless, my night did come to a close and as I sat down to start my essay, my phone began to […]

What I wish I knew: the nuances of food options

Ew, what is that? Is it moving? Did it just wink at me? Most of the time, Brandeisians do not have to concern themselves with these questions when trying to decide what to eat in the dining halls, yet there are other questions that do arise. Does that color look right to you? Chicken, again? […]

What I wish I knew: stop stressing about academics

Within an instant, it seems Mother Nature has grown angry; letting her breath be laced with a sharp chill and creating stricter curfews for the sun. With each passing night, Mother Nature is making her presence known. It was through this shift in weather that I realized the nuance of time. Although I have been […]

What I wish I knew: transportation woes

One of the many perks of Brandeis’ campus is its unique personality. Whether it be the woodsy, nature feel, iconic castle or modern buildings, the blatant lack of a cohesive aesthetic is one of this campus’ most amiable, quirky qualities. Aside from Brandeis’ lovable looks, it is on the outskirts of one of the most […]

What I wish I knew: how many is too many extracurricular activities?

The sun burned the tops of my bare shoulders as I trekked to the SCC from North Quad. As I turned the corner of the SCC, I was bombarded by the overwhelming image that laid before me. Hundreds of students buzzed around three groupings of tables filled with enthusiastic upperclassmen fighting for first-years’ attention. Tempting […]

What I wish I knew: college parties

Excitement, laughter and utter anticipation fluttered through the air as my friends and I walked out of Cable Hall around 11:45 p.m. Saturday night. Upon first glance, we might have looked like any other group of college students heading to a party, yet a closer look would clearly indicate that we were anything but. We […]