GSAS 70th anniversary features keynote speaker Dorothee Kern

Brandeis celebrated the 70th anniversary for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) this week, bringing together current graduate students, alumni, faculty and administrators. This year’s speaker was Dorothee Kern, who is a Professor of Biochemistry and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. Beyond her responsibilities leading her research group at Brandeis, Kern also […]

Brandeis students establish Pickleball Club

Brandeis undergraduate students Jack Granahan ’26 and Parker Press ’26 recently established Pickleball Club, making their club the first Boston-based collegiate pickleball team, according to CBS News. The two club leaders discussed what motivated them to create the club and their future goals in an interview with The Hoot.  Pickleball is a racket sport that […]

Critical Conversations: Is belief in God incompatible with science?

Brandeis hosted the 2022-2023 academic year’s third Critical Conversation, titled “Is Belief in God Incompatible with Science?” The panel featured Professor Paul Miller (BIOL) and Professor John F. Wardle (PHYS), who represented two faculty members in science who differ in their religious beliefs. Associate Professor of the Philosophy of Justice, Rights and Social Change Rajesh […]

Annual Latina Poetry Night in celebration of Women’s History Month

The Brandeis Hispanic Studies and Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies programs recently hosted their Annual Latina Poetry Night in recognition of Women’s History Month. The purpose of this event was to uplift Latina voices and celebrate women’s history. Students from the programs had prepared recitations of poetry to share with the audience based on […]

Intercultural Center celebrates its 31st anniversary

The Brandeis Intercultural Center (ICC) is a shared meeting space for the diverse campus culture clubs and is located in Swig Hall. As described on the ICC webpage, “The ICC is dedicated to creating a haven of respect, education and celebration that aims to develop critical consciousness and awareness of the myriad cultures of Brandeis […]

Brandeis participates in Putnam Mathematics Competition

Professor of Mathematics Olivier Bernardi announced Brandeis’ performance at the 83rd annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition based on recently released results. The competition took place on Dec. 3, 2022. The Brandeis team ranked 39th out of the 456 institutions that participated in the competition.  The Putnam Competition is known as the preeminent mathematics competition […]

Brandeis university hosts sixth annual DeisHacks

The Brandeis MakerLab and the Brandeis International Business School recently hosted the 6th annual hackathon for social impact, DeisHacks. On Feb. 3rd to 5th, Brandeis students, as well as other students from accredited academic institutions, came together in the Brandeis Library or via the hackathon’s Discord channel for the hybrid event. This year boasted record-high […]

MakerLab and Arts Engagement establish Brandeis Art Exchange

The MakerLab and Brandeis Arts Engagement recently launched the Brandeis Art Exchange, where students can use and donate items for creative projects contained in a small wooden structure outside of the Usdan Student Center. The structure is modeled after the Little Free Library program, which is an initiative originating from the Little Free Library nonprofit […]

Women’s Studies Research Center features Becky Behar’s exhibition ‘Interlaced’

The Kniznick Gallery in the Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center now displays a new exhibit called “Interlaced” produced by Becky Behar, a photo-based artist from Columbia. Behar’s artwork focuses on themes regarding motherhood, domesticity and generational links. The exhibition includes still life pieces as well as choreographed portraits illustrating her focal themes. Behar shares part […]

Brandeis Art Exchange initiative

The MakerLab and Brandeis Arts Engagement recently launched the Brandeis Art Exchange, where students can use and donate items for creative projects, contained in a small structure outside of the Usdan Student Center. The structure is modeled after the Little Free Library program, which is an initiative originating from the Little Free Library nonprofit organization […]

New course offerings for spring 2023 semester

Brandeis faculty and staff shared information about courses offered for the first time during the spring 2023 semester with The Brandeis Hoot.  The English department has the largest number of new courses this coming semester. As professor of American Literature John Burt describes it, “The English department practically reinvents itself every year … We teach […]

Transportation updates following Boston/Cambridge shuttle accident

Brandeis administration is currently in the process of determining future transportation service options for students. These decisions are being informed by a transportation study from early in the summer as well as the ongoing investigation of the Boston/Cambridge shuttle crash.  Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Andrea Dine announced via email that the Boston/Cambridge shuttle […]

Supportive community initiatives follow shuttle accident

Editor’s Note: This article may be emotionally challenging to read as it concerns a recent Boston/Cambridge shuttle crash. While this article’s primary focus is the response of the community, reader discretion is advised.  The Brandeis community experienced a shocking tragedy when the Joseph’s Transportation Boston/Cambridge shuttle carrying 27 students crashed on a routine route down […]

Remembering Vanessa Mark

Editor’s Note: This article concerns Vanessa Mark, a student who recently passed away, and therefore may be emotionally challenging for some readers.  Twenty-five-year-old undergraduate student Vanessa Mark tragically passed away during the fatal Boston/Cambridge shuttle accident on Saturday, Nov. 15. Mark was on leave from Brandeis at the time, but was residing in Waltham. In […]

Brandeis students respond to antisemitic hate speech

In response to recent antisemitic rhetoric in pop culture such as commentary from rapper Kanye West, now known as “Ye,” Brandeis students responded in an interview with CBS Local News Boston. The interviewees were Meshulum Ungar ’24, Maya Stiefel ’24, Michael Schwartz ’23 and Oona Wood ’23. The panel addressed questions regarding the persistence of […]

South Asian Students Association presents Mela

The Brandeis South Asian Students Association (SASA) recently hosted their 25th annual cultural show Mela, featuring speeches, dancing, singing, food and more to celebrate South Asian culture. The theme for this year was Yatra, a Malayalam word that means journey. SASA described their goals for this show, saying, “Our hope is that this theme beautifully […]

Univ. admin speak on construction of Science 2A complex

Ginelle Lang, Director of Campus Planning, and Carol Fierke, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, spoke to The Brandeis Hoot regarding the construction and plans for the new science complex. New details about the science complex project—known as Science 2A—were announced in October 2022.  “The addition of Phase 2A to the science complex […]

Brandeis professor comments on the politics of crime in ABC News

ABC News recently published a news report covering political discourse on violence and crime in the U.S. and how crime is affecting voting during the midterm elections. The article focuses on increased criminal activity in Toledo, Ohio and features expert commentary from Brandeis Adjunct Associate Professor of History Leah Wright Rigeur.  The article cites the […]

Carol Anderson receives 2022 Gittler Prize

Brandeis University recently hosted the 2022 Gittler Prize award ceremony at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management for this year’s recipient Carol Anderson. The award ceremony consisted of a public lecture given by Anderson regarding the consequences of racist rhetoric in American politics and the biases from which they originate.    The Joseph […]

Period Activists at ’Deis host Open Mic Night

The Brandeis Period Activists at ’Deis (PAD) club recently hosted their annual open mic night where members of the Brandeis community were able to listen to and share stories regarding menstruation. PAD president Kyla Speizer ’23 and the PAD team shared their thoughts on the event and their club’s mission in an interview with The […]