Brandeis hires 22 faculty members across 16 departments

There are 22 new tenured and tenure-track faculty members as well as postdoctoral faculty that have joined Brandeis this year. Sixteen different academic departments will gain faculty members as a result of the new hires. Suleyman Dost (NEJS), who has been at Brandeis for a few months, is an Assistant Professor of Classical Islam. He […]

Marcelo Miranda named campus executive chef

Marcelo Miranda has been appointed Sodexo’s new Campus Executive Chef. His responsibilities include overseeing all food operations on campus. “My main role is improve the quality and assure Sodexo standards are met,” said Miranda, who also plans to focus on menu design, recipe creation and cost control of food. Miranda says his main priority this […]

Dance company petitions for card access to Linsey Sports Center

Dancers from the Adagio Dance Company are petitioning for card swipe access to the Linsey Sports Center. The petition was created by Brooke Granovsky ’18, one of the co-presidents of Adagio. As of Thursday night, the petition has 118 signatures. Dancers from many different clubs use the four multi-purpose rooms in Linsey for dance rehearsals […]

University tests free menstrual products on campus

Free menstrual products are available in six women’s and gender neutral bathrooms around campus, as part of an initiative that students began in the fall of 2016. The trial period will last from Oct. 13 to Dec. 9 and aims to demonstrate the need for free menstrual products on campus. During the trial period, free […]

Students compete in sustainability contest to learn, improve habits and win prizes

SaveOhno, a competition to improve and promote sustainability efforts on college campuses, is happening at Brandeis from Oct. 9 to Oct. 21, coinciding with Global Climate Change week. Students can earn points by signing petitions, attending campus events, eating vegan for a day and more, working to support the environment and earn prizes from Patagonia. […]

Senate updates club creation process

The Student Union Senate voted unanimously to pass a new amendment that restructures the club recognition and chartering process on Sept. 17. The amendment was designed to ensure that all clubs on campus are viable, have measurable goals and receive the proper amount of funding, while increasing the efficiency of the Senate approval process. The […]

Election mishap leads to concession

Agnes Nkansah is the new Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (TYP) Senator after Stephanie Woodland was incorrectly named the winner of the position. Woodland received three votes and Agnes received three write-in votes, but Woodland decided to concede rather than having a tiebreaker election, according to Student Union President Jacob Edelman ’18. Lian Chen ’18, […]

Students respond to hurricanes Harvey and Irma

When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma ravaged parts of the southern United States and the Caribbean over the past three weeks, some members of the Brandeis community were affected as others united in relief efforts. Several students from Houston were affected by Hurricane Harvey, which caused major flooding and killed at least 70 throughout its path. […]

Leonard Bernstein piano on two-year nationwide tour

The first childhood piano of Leonard Bernstein, usually housed in the lobby of Slosberg Music Center on campus, is going on a two-year nationwide tour celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bernstein’s birth. The tour, called Leonard Bernstein at 100, is a traveling exhibition celebrating Bernstein’s career as a successful conductor, composer and musician. The exhibit […]

Student Union prepares for new school year

The Student Union is implementing two new positions this year: the Director of Office of Student Rights and Advocacy (OSRA) and the Union Diversity Officer (UDO). OSRA will be “a resource for students in need of information, support or advocacy regarding their rights as a student at Brandeis,” according the Hannah Brown ’19, Vice President […]

Davis Peace Prize granted to TRII for representation training and outreach

Victoria St. Jean ’19 and Jonathan Goldman ’19 are the recipients of the 2017 Davis Projects for Peace Prize. They received the prize through The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII), a nonprofit organization they created. TRII focuses on providing representation and assistance to asylum seekers in immigration proceedings. The Davis Projects for Peace encourages college […]

Profs discuss implications of Supreme Court nominee

Four Brandeis professors discussed the significance and implications of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, at a panel on Thursday, March 9. The panel, moderated by Prof. Jill Greenlee (POL/WMGS), was composed of professors Michael Willrich (HIST), Jeffrey Lenowitz (POL), Anita Hill (HS/WMGS) and Eileen McNamara (AMST). “The court is an institution that […]

International senator position proposed by union members

A new constitutional amendment to create a senator for international students was formally proposed to the Student Union. Seniors Kira Levin and Bidushi Adhikari approached Union President David Herbstritt ’17 with the idea. Class of 2019 Senator Hannah Brown, Herbstritt, Levin and Adhikari are working to get the new senator position created. “Bidushi and I […]

Union holds midyear elections, filling 10 seats

Students filled 10 vacant positions in the Student Union, according to midyear election results that the Student Union emailed to The Brandeis Hoot. The closest race was between Alanna Levy ’19 and Winnie Zhao ’20  for the two semester A-Board Position. Zhao won with 159 votes, or 28.39 percent of the vote, compared to Levy […]

Rebecca Walker delivers ’DEIS Impact keynote address

“Even though we are discouraged, our work is not lost,” stated activist Rebecca Walker at her keynote ’DEIS Impact event, “The World in You and You in the World: Identity in Action,” discussing the actions of the new administration in Washington, D.C. and how discouraged people should react. “Walker focused on identity and I think […]

Politics professors speak on Trump presidency

Around 60 people attended the “What to Expect from the Trump Presidency” panel discussion sponsored by the politics department last Wednesday. The panel included politics professors Robert Art, Shai Feldman, Lucy Goodhart, Jill Greenlee and Jeffrey Lenowitz. “The new administration’s political philosophy and policy agenda for the most part remain unknown because Trump has a […]

Liebowitz updates community on diversity efforts

President Ron Liebowitz described updated diversity and inclusion efforts made over the past 12 months in an email sent to the Brandeis community on Friday, Nov. 18. The presidential campaign run by President-elect Donald Trump featured, “rhetoric of racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and jingoism,” Liebowitz wrote. “Such rhetoric and the acts it has inspired are […]

Library union successfully implements lactation room

Brandeis University now has a lactation room on the second floor of the Goldfarb Library. The lactation room, which was implemented just weeks ago, adds to the three pre-existing lactation rooms on campus in Gryzmish, Gerstenzang and Rabb Graduate Center. The library union decided to install the lactation room when it noticed that there had […]

With Castle impending construction, Pottery Club seeks new space

The pottery club is currently working with administration to find a new studio. The club’s studio, located in Usen Castle, has been shut down since the beginning of August due to the upcoming Castle construction, said Marisa Rubel ’17, Pottery Club president. The club hosted an open studio in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) yesterday […]

Kimberlé Crenshaw wins Gittler Prize

Kimberlé Crenshaw, a civil rights advocate and pioneer of the critical race theory, has recently been named the 2016-17 winner of the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize by Brandeis University. Crenshaw is known for her extensive work with civil rights in relation to race and gender. Brandeis University awards the Gittler Prize annually to […]