Oscars lack diversity, try to correct it

After the Academy Award nominations were announced on Jan. 14, the famous hashtag #OscarsSoWhite appeared all over social media, causing everyone to wonder: where is the representation of other races and ethnicities? When the SAG (Screen Actors Guild Awards) nominations came out, plenty of people thought that Idris Elba was going to earn a nomination […]

Rosalyn Drexler’s ‘Room 17’ and ‘Lobby’ recreates theater classics

The Rose Art Museum had their spring opening exhibition on Friday, Feb. 26. The monographic exhibition called “Who Does She Think She Is?” showcases artist Rosalyn Drexler’s major paintings, collages, sculptures, photographic work, video documentation and award winning novels, plays and screenplays. In fact, she is famously known for penning the screenplay for “Rocky” (1976) […]

Brandeis art students’ photography and sculpture explores diverse topics

The time to exhibit work crafted by students in sculpture and photography classes has come. The exhibition in the Dreitzer Gallery of Spingold Theater Center is now available Monday through Friday. The exhibition showcases 3D sculptures, digital photography and other forms of art that express the intellectual curiosity and knowledge that influences, inspires and impassions […]

Admissions does good work to stimulate campus diversity

This week, the Brandeis Immigration Education Initiative (BIEI) organized an event titled, “The Immigrant Experience at Brandeis,” which aimed to stimulate learning more about the different and unique immigrant experiences in the U.S. They organized a campaign that would display different portraits and original stories of the diverse students at Brandeis—very much a la Humans […]

Violinist and pianist masterfully perform for spring concert series

The Brandeis University’s spring concert series started this past weekend, with the special presence of Daniel Stepner on the violin and Janice Weber on the piano. They debuted this year’s concert series on Jan. 31 at the Slosberg Music Center, a show that compelled virtually everyone to attend, even interim president Lisa Lynch. The show’s […]

Q&A: Nina Berger, Media Relations Consultant at The Rose

One of the most important things in art is to bring out the private sphere of art into the public world. Rosebud, a satellite gallery incorporating work from the Rose Art Museum into downtown Waltham, aims to do just this. The Brandeis Hoot had a chance to interview Nina Berger, Media Relations Consultant of the […]

Brandeis properly honors Martin Luther King Day with the arts

It did not take long after Ford Hall 2015 for the student body to reunite again to talk about race, progress and representation. Brandeis University’s 11th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial took place on Monday, Jan. 18, in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC). The event presented various Brandeis scholars, such as Nyah […]

Brandeis students win Karpf and Hahn Peace Awards

Recently, four students and a student group were named Maurice J. and Fay B. Karpf Peace Award and Ari Hahn Peace Award winners. The prizes are grants for projects that will work on peaceful ways of addressing and resolving conflicts. Maurice J. and Fay B. Karpf Peace Awards and the Ari Hahn Peace Awards are […]

Bridging the gap between international and domestic

The ideal dream of all admissions counselors who decide on who to accept or deny to their university is creating a diverse and unified community. Nonetheless, not all international students like the idea of mingling with domestic students. It seems as if many are not ready or simply do not care to talk about it. […]

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ bites just right

“Little Shop of Horrors” first was a film created by Roger Corman, distributed as a B-movie in 1960. It slowly gained recognition and fame throughout the years, acquiring a cult following. The low-budget film came to earn popularity mostly because it was turned into a musical by Alan Menken (music) and Howard Ashman (book and […]

Ellie Goulding’s ‘Delirium’ lacks originality

Ellie Goulding’s career has been a slow process of echelon by echelon. In fact, her first record “Lights,” which was first released in the U.K. back in 2010, took roughly two years to reach the top five on the U.S. charts. Although, you may argue that the wait was worth it, since “Lights” became Goulding’s […]

“Crimson Peak” more like crimson bleak

Guillermo del Toro is the director of the new horror film “Crimson Peak,” which does not seem to inspire a single scream or interest. The film becomes the opposite of what del Toro had in mind, who dared to think that “Crimson Peak” would be a groundbreaking film in the horror genre. He thought this […]

Lack of tolerance toward undocumented immigrants shocking

When you think of America, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If I ask the old me—the 11-year-old me, to be specific—I would probably have responded with baseball and hot dogs. However, maturing and moving to Brandeis University has allowed me to see life through a bigger scope. I have become more […]

“The Intern” fails to meet expectations

The two leading stars of the film “The Intern,” Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, have both benefited greatly from the genre of comedy at some point throughout their careers. De Niro entered the world of comedy back in 1999 with “Analyze This,” which instantly became a critical and commercial success, and earned him a […]

Cello and piano duo resurrect classical masterpieces

In the Slosberg Music Center this past Saturday, Oct. 3 the music was electrifying and resurrected long-gone composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven and César Franck. It also invoked Louis Gordon’s work, the only of the three composers whose work was presented that night and remains alive. During Brandeis’ concert series, Primary Motivations, these three […]

‘Everest’ barely peaks critics’ interest

The author of “Into the Wild,” Jon Krakauer, is the same mind behind “Into Thin Air,” which is about eight climbers who attempted the quixotic attempt to reach the peak of the Mount Everest. Both books have become bestselling non-fiction works and are both about survival—well, sort of. In the end (spoiler alert) the protagonists […]

Prof. Troyanovsky ’98 takes distinct approach to renowned play

Dmitry Troyanovsky ’98, an assistant professor in the Department of Theater Arts, spent his summer far from Brandeis, all the way in China. He directed playwright Sarah Kane’s most recent and final work, “4.48 Psychosis,” at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre in. Troyanovsky said this was not the first time he has worked in China. […]

New club Behind the Scenes welcomes techies

Every year, a few new clubs are created, adding on to the already extensive list of approximately 250 official clubs on campus. It is always interesting to see what isn’t offered at Brandeis, and this year Behind the Scenes brings something new to the table. Behind the Scenes (BTS) represents the opportunity for students to […]

Improv showcase entertains and recruits new members

On Sept. 1, students from different corners of campus were all sprinting toward one location: Ridgewood Commons. It was, once again, that time of the year when Brandeis University’s four improvisational comedy groups perform for an audience of new and returning students in the annual Improv Comedy Showcase, a showcase that serves as a tidbit […]