Swim coach leaves Brandeis after HR investigation

After a human resources department investigation into his conduct, Coach Mike Kotch is no longer the Brandeis University Swimming and Diving Team (BUSDT) coach. Brandeis University has declined to comment on whether Kotch was fired or if he resigned. Kotch was placed on administrative leave on May 2 pending the outcome of a human resources […]

UTC performs one night of ‘And Then There Were None,’ follows with talkback

The Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC) canceled four of five scheduled performances of “And Then There Were None” after faculty members raised concerns regarding the play’s racist history in an email sent the day of the show’s opening. Conversations about “And Then There Were None’s” history had been ongoing since December when director Merrick Mendenhall ’20 […]

Brandeis admissions offer prospective students glimpse of life at Brandeis

Walking by Chapel’s Field on a Brandeis admissions tour on Wednesday morning, a prospective student and her mother discussed the aspects of college life different schools choose to emphasize on their tours. “Here, it really seems to be community, diversity and inclusion,” the mother said. As high school seniors are making their final admissions decisions […]

‘And Then There Were None’ to run only one night of five scheduled performances

UPDATED 4/13 at 4:40 p.m. The Undergraduate Theater Collective’s (UTC) production of “And Then There Were None” will have one performance on Saturday night, April 14, rather than the scheduled five performances of the show beginning April 12, due to concerns surrounding the show’s racist history. The Saturday show will remain unchanged from what the […]

Lurie Institute conducts research on disability policy

The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy is a research center on campus dedicated to research that improves the lives of people with disabilities. Located within the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, The Lurie Institute conducts research on policies concerning physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities. The Lurie Institute was founded in 2007 with a […]

Meshing majors: students craft plans for future

When Rachel Geller ’18 entered Brandeis, she had plans to major in physics and math. Now graduating with a degree in Conflict and Reconciliation Studies, Geller decided to take the path less traveled—she forged her own. For students seeking an area of study not encompassed by Brandeis’ 43 existing majors, the Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) […]

Frankie Cosmos performs a tender and invigorating set at Chum’s

Frankie Cosmos has an air of effortless cool. Underneath Chum’s flashing lights, Greta Kline, the lead singer better known by her stage name, Frankie Cosmos, sported a pair of flower-framed sunglasses with blue lenses as she performed for a packed house on Friday, March 16, with the multi-talented Luke Pyenson, Alex Bailey and Lauren Martin […]

Student Union candidates debate, present ideas for Brandeis

Candidates for multiple Student Union positions debated and presented ideas surrounding issues of Brandeis’ affordability, club chartering policy and relationships with administration to student voters on Monday, March 19 at a debate moderated by The Brandeis Hoot and The Justice. Vice presidential candidates Vidit Dhawan ’19, Aaron Finkel ’20 and Benedikt Reynolds ’19, as well […]

Heller alumni craft quilts from old T-shirts with Project Repat

To entice students to participate in on campus events, promises of “free food” and “free shirts” are common. But after graduation, many t-shirts that sport lettering from a specific activity get thrown out or stuffed in the backs of drawers as a way to hold onto the memories. For students who are not planning to […]

Bethlehem the Producer soon to release new mixtape: “The Sabbath”

Bethel Adekogbe ’20 went to the same high school as rapper Lil Yachty, but their similarities don’t end there. In Brandeis’ music scene, Adekogbe is Bethlehem the Producer. On March 17th, his newest mixtape, titled “The Sabbath,” will be available on music streaming services. Although he created beats on music apps and was the Vice […]

Graduate students create campaign for compost

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 20 percent of all waste in landfills is compostable, totaling almost 35 million tons a year of food waste that emits methane gases in landfills. While Brandeis composts food waste in the Sherman and Usdan dining halls and Kutz Bakery, academic buildings and residence halls only offer […]

Panel debates efficacy of Teach For America

In “Is ‘Teach For America’ for America?” the Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society sponsored a panel of Marya Levenson, Director of the Brandeis Education Department, and Josh Biber, the Executive Director of Teach For America in Massachusetts to discuss the effectiveness of the national nonprofit. Teach For America selects graduates from top universities to […]

Students share stories through powerful slam poetry

“So, does anyone have anything else they’d like to share?” A few moments of silence. A man wearing a zip-up sweatshirt over a neon orange t-shirt from the back of the room offers to perform. When he begins to speak, he immediately takes hold of the audience’s attention, pacing back and forth and gesturing as […]

Mindful clubs help students decompress

Take a few slow breaths. Place both feet on the floor and feel your body loosen. Draw your attention to how your body feels—the temperature, the comfort level, the depth of your breath. Let your mind focus solely on your breath, and if it strays, gently bring it back. You have just completed a basic […]

Facilities worker brings positivity to campus

As students pad in their slippers to the bathroom in Reitman Residence Hall, they are often greeted by the smiling face of Teresa Pais, a Brandeis facilities worker with kind eyes and dark brown hair tucked neatly into a low ponytail. If she is mopping, she will stop and wave at the students who are […]

STAR addresses peer counseling needs

Students Talking About Relationships (STAR) defines “relationship” in the broadest sense of the word. Whether a student needs to talk about their relationship with a friend, roommate, boss, professor or themselves, the STAR members are Brandeis sophomores, juniors and seniors who act as peer support for the Brandeis community. The STAR center, located on the […]

A historical and global perspective of social justice

“When you hear the year 1968, what’s the first thing you think of?” This is one of the first questions that Professor Manijeh Moradian (HIST) wants to ask her students next semester in “HIST 170B: Global 1968: Student and Youth Revolutions.” The course, taking place on Mondays from 2 to 4:50 p.m., will be focusing […]

Prof. Lisman leaves impact on scientific community

On Friday, Oct. 20, Professor John Lisman of the Biology department passed away, surrounded by his family. He was 73 years old. Prof. Lisman spent many years of his life at Brandeis University. Provost Lisa Lynch fondly refers to him in her email as a “Brandeis lifer.” He first graduated from Brandeis in 1966 with […]

Club Spotlight: Poetic Justice

Midterms can get in the way of poetry slams. But even on an “off night” for Brandeis’ new slam poetry team Poetic Justice, a small group of students gathered at Cholmondeley’s Coffee House to share some of their work at the Spooky Open Mic and SLAM event. When Dean of Students Jamele Adams offered the […]

A conversation with Chief Callahan

As Director of Public Safety, Ed Callahan has a lot to do every day. From overseeing 70 undergraduate BranVan drivers, the parking office, the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo) and the University Police where Callahan is the Chief of the University Police, Callahan is responsible for all aspects of safety on campus for students, faculty […]