’DEIS Impact event discusses political and personal topics through art

The night of Sunday, Feb. 3, 2017 was cold and quiet. Inside Chums, however, it was pleasant. The “’DEIS Impact Open Mic Night: Diversifying Discussion Through Art,” an event from ’DEIS Impact, was about to begin. The room was filled with an intimate group of 18 or so people, and friends piled on couches among […]

Social Change Through Art and Projects in Turkey

“Although we cannot change the world, we can make a difference in people’s lives.” This was the message that visiting arts administrator Eylem Erturk had for listeners at her presentation, “Arts, Culture and Dialogue for Conflict Transformation and Diversity in Turkey,” on Tuesday, Nov. 1 in Shiffman. Erturk is part of Anadolu Kültür, an organization […]

Samblan musicians induce a jubilee of expression with the xylophone

There was a hushed energy in the atrium of Pearlman. No one was quite sure what to expect, or when the event would begin. Suddenly there was a flurry of movement—the doors to Pearlman Lounge opened as the musicians entered. Mamadou Diabaté, Seydou Diabaté and Dramane Dembélé crossed the threshold with big smiles all around, […]

Prof. Downey wears multiple hats as teacher and artist

The painting is different. Something about it pulls your eye closer, maybe the way the bookcases stand tall and crisp and colorful in the background, but are blocked by this clearly two-dimensional figure. The woman’s hands and mouth seem to be in motion as wisps of her blond hair blow outward. She is surrounded by […]