Brandeis needs to promote awareness of campus medical resources

Unfortunately, we have been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for over a year at this point, and we feel that the isolation it has brought about is beginning to affect campus life and culture. We have been isolated from each other through the closing of the dining halls and the library, online orientation and even […]

The Hoot’s favorite cereal

Aaron LaFauci – Honey Bunches of Oats I’m into health cereals. I don’t know if Honey Bunches of Oats is actually good for you, but it has crunchy stuff in it and isn’t neon. I think that crap is granola? On the other hand, the cereal flakes themselves are injected with grams upon grams of […]

Favorite places to study on campus

Chapels Field  Victoria Morrongiello  Before COVID-19, I was a loyal studier in Upper Farber. Yes, I know, the most unproductive study spot, but also the most fun with a convenient location near the C-Store for snack runs. But having returned to campus, I haven’t stepped foot in the library once, which wouldn’t sound great if […]

Hoot Recommends: winter holiday edition

“The Nice Guys” Do you know what sealed it for me that humanity should just give up already and make way for the dolphins to replace us? On its opening weekend, Shane Black’s “The Nice Guys” grossed less than “The Angry Birds Movie.” It’s too late for us as a species. “The Nice Guys” is […]

The Hoot’s table: pasta edition

Welcome back to The Hoot’s table. This week, we are debating which pasta shape is best. You can vote on the best pasta on our Instagram story on Saturday, Dec. 5!  Aaron LaFauci: Conchiglie (shells) I like shells. They are actually called “conchiglie,” but who can pronounce that? My practical favorite pasta is probably farfalle […]

The Hoot’s Thanksgiving pie battle

Last Thanksgiving, we all wrote about our favorite Thanksgiving foods. This year we thought about writing on the worst Thanksgiving food but realized that we would have a huge article about turkey. Instead, we bring you the battle of the Thanksgiving pies. You can vote on the best pie on our Instagram story on Thanksgiving […]