Stanisław Lem, a science fiction writer you should have heard of

The exact number is up for debate, and the reasons behind it are myriad, but the fact of the matter is that readers in the English speaking world read an exceptionally low number of books in translation—approximately 2 or 3 percent, according to an article by the BBC. Now, English is one of the world’s […]

The Broad Institute, a profile

The behind-the-scenes aspect of the university’s COVID-19 testing apparatus was set up in just 11 days in July, Morgen Bergman, the university’s liaison to the Broad Institute and Assistant Provost of Strategic Initiatives, said in a phone interview with The Brandeis Hoot. The Broad Institute processes between 1400 and 1600 tests per day for Brandeis, […]

Panel discusses the future of Black Lives Matter during the Biden Presidency

Angela Glover-Blackwell, the 2014 Richman Distinguished Fellowship in Public Life fellow, is optimistic for the future of the Black Lives Matter movement following the Biden administration’s calls for a “true multiracial democracy,” she said during a panel discussing the future of the movement with the Biden presidency.  Having participated in the Black Power movement during […]

Professor Anita Hill talks about the future of equality and United States Supreme Court

In a Jan. 18 event, Professor Anita Hill (AAAS/LGLS/HS/WGS) talked about the duality of her excitement for Vice President Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration and concern that calls for unity would paper over lingering problems of inequality in America. Hill started out by addressing the attempted insurrection at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, where conspiracy […]

In the Senate, Nov. 29

Student Union Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 announced that the Student Union will once again be giving its state of the union address as a series of pre-recorded videos and that it will be “done soon.” Chair of the Dining Committee Ashna Kelkar ’24 said that the committee “realized there are troubles with dining in […]

In the Senate, Oct. 18

Despite questions about whether or not proper procedure was followed, the Senate voted to approve a budget of $6000 for the Midnight Buffet, which will be substantially altered this year in light of the ongoing pandemic. Executive Senator Joseph Coles ’22 raised questions about whether Senator Courtney Thrun ’22, who proposed the budget, had underestimated […]

New spring schedule means Feb. 1 start, substantially shorter spring breaks

Provost Lisa Lynch announced changes to the spring 2021 semester schedule in a memo to students, staff and faculty on Thursday Oct. 8. The university’s plan revolves around delaying the start of classes until Feb. 1, a substantial reduction of spring break and ending the semester at the usual date, May 14, as well as […]

Gettysburg Address underappreciated, according to Brandeis prof.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is underappreciated as a shift in the way that the United States imagines freedom, according to Professor John Burt (ENG). At a talk given on Saturday, Burt argued that most Americans overlook the significance of the Gettysburg Address because they think they know it. He explained that when something is a ubiquitous […]

‘The Plot Against America’ presents a dire warning for democracy in 2020

Although “The Plot Against America” is set in the 1940s, it is a timely warning about the danger of fascism and intolerance in America today, according to Professor William Flesch (ENG). At a talk, Flesch talked about both the 2003 novel written by Phillip Roth and the 2020 television adaptation on HBO as reactions to […]

Testing program is “a well oiled machine,” says head of admissions testing site

After rapidly transitioning to online learning last spring in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the big question for colleges and universities this summer was whether or not institutions would be able to reopen their campuses in the fall and what form this reopening would take. While some of Brandeis’ neighbors, such as Harvard University and […]

ITS announces changes to LATTE, including significant decrease in file sizes

Information Technology Services (ITS) announced changes to LATTE, Brandeis’ online learning platform and the cornerstone of the university’s system of remote and hybrid classes during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Sept. 16. The most significant effect of the changes was to substantially reduce the maximum file size […]

Student Union elections conclude with all but one race uncontested

After being delayed last spring due to the coronavirus, the first round of elections to elect new members of the 2020-2021 Brandeis Student Union were elected, with all but one of the elections with only one candidate on the ballot. Kendall Chapman ’22 and Krupa Sourirajan ’23 ran as a joint ticket for president and […]

Brandeis and Mass. travel protocols include restrictions; noncompliance could result in fines

As many students return to campus for the fall semester, they will face travel restrictions and quarantine requirements implemented by Brandeis University and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Failing to comply can result in fines of up to $500 per day.  Any travelers entering Massachusetts, including returning […]

President announces new initiative to address systemic racism at Brandeis

UPDATED 7/10/20, 10 am President Ron Liebowitz announced an initiative where groups of administrative officials will come up with plans over the next 90 days to transform the campus and address systemic racism, according to a June 10 email. Liebowitz followed up on his statement six days later, where he apologized for a lack of […]

In the Senate 3/8

The Senate discussed the student petition for classes to be held online in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Executive Senator Scott Halper ’20 said that this was “not happening as far as I know. It’s an administration decision.” Several senators raised concerns that moving all classes to remote meetings would be disruptive, and that while […]

Panel addresses history of voting and voter suppression

We get the democracy that we deserve and demand, according to Jay Koffman ’68, MA ’73, the founding director of Beacon Leadership Collaborative and a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and moderator of Voting and Democracy in 2020 and Beyond, an event put on by the Brandeis Politics Department on March 9 […]

Professor Anita Hill named ‘Woman of the Year’ for 1991

TIME Magazine has named University Professor Anita Hill (AAAS/LGLS/HS/WGS) “Woman of the Year” for 1991, as part of a new series recognizing the contributions of influential women. The series, titled “100 Women of the Year,” is described by former TIME Editor-in-Chief Nancy Gibbs as “an exercise in looking at the ways in which women held […]

In the Senate 2/9

Vice President Kendal Chapman ’22 said that Senator for International Students Shuorui “Capo” Wang ’22 and Senator for the Class of 2021 Sissel Tan ’21 were removed from the Senate due to a lack of attendance. She added that they had been warned. The Senate passed a resolution proposed by Senator Joseph Coles ’22 which […]

Professor writes book on relationship between secular and religious law in Israel

There’s an increasing trend toward theocratic nationalism with an ethnic character in both Israel and the world at large, according to Professor of Israel Studies Alexander Kaye (NEJS) who spoke about his new book, “The Invention of Jewish Theocracy,” in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall on Wednesday.  The book, which Shayna Weiss, the Director of the […]

Student Union fills three seats in uncontested special elections

As a result of Feb. 13 special elections, Shivam Nainwal ’22 and Tyler Carruth ’23 were elected as community senators and Chloe Yu ’22 was elected as an international senator. All candidates ran unopposed. In an interview with The Brandeis Hoot, Carruth said that he’s currently “working with the Dining Committee to communicate with students […]