Purple Rain: A Memorial to Prince

2016 continues to be a year highlighted by loss in the arts community. The morning of April 21, beloved Minneapolis artist and music superstar Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead in his home and recording studio, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, MN. At only 57 years old, Prince’s loss has shocked fans and music lovers around […]

Remembering the Starman: a memorial to David Bowie

David Bowie died last Sunday of cancer at age 69, two days after the release of his final studio album, “Blackstar.” After an 18-month battle with cancer which reportedly started in his liver, Bowie “died peacefully [Sunday] surrounded by his family,” according to posts made on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. In a week that […]

Brandeis community comes together to interpret 1963 painting

As part of the Rose Art Museum’s “Close Looking Series,” Brandeis Fine Arts lecturer Scott Patrick Wiener hosted a discussion on James Rosenquist’s 1963 painting, “Two 1959 People” on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The painting was a combination of several pieces of recognizable images, all juxtaposed in a manner that was meant to empty them of […]

Changes: sudden and not so new

Many students come to Brandeis with a vague idea of what they want out of their time as an undergraduate, or even what they want out of their career after graduation, but many more come undecided. For a first-year student, not knowing what to do with your life is a common phenomenon. Some would even […]

PCC screens “Perks” for Mental Illness Awareness Week

The Psychological Counseling Center, in partnership with Brandeis Students for Disability Activism and Active Minds Brandeis, held a screening of the critically acclaimed film, “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Friday, Oct. 9. The screening was held in honor of the last day Mental Illness Awareness Week. The coalition of organizations advertised the movie night as […]

This week in singles

Last Friday, elusive and exceptional singer Sia released the first single from her upcoming album “This Is Acting.” According to Stereogum.com, the album will be composed of songs written for other artists or from other people’s perspectives. When it was written, the single titled “Alive” was initially meant for Adele, and according to Sia in […]

Musicians step into the lamplight

Every Brandeis student recognizes “The Light of Reason” sculpture. It serves as a landmark on campus, and the gathering place for our first welcome as Brandeisians, but after that it often gets overlooked by much of the student body. Fritz Oleshansky ’16, coordinator of SCRAM (the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum), hopes to […]

It’s one big improvisation

As Brandeis students, we have access to a plethora of classes and no shortage of fields to study. Because of this, we are encouraged to take courses outside our major and minor tracks, but a lot of times, that can be overwhelming. One look at the course guide, and a student could come away more […]

Prince’s “HITNRUN: phase one” a hit?

On Monday, Sept. 7, veteran performance artist Prince released his 38th studio album, titled “HITnRUN phase one.” The album itself was only announced a month and a half ago and is still available, though only in digital form. For an artist who changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol for seven years to get out […]

Bigger, louder, more teeth

In 1993, we were first introduced to the little theme park in the Caribbean where you can buy over-priced souvenirs and get eaten alive by a 65-million-year-old dinosaur with teeth the size of your forearm. Spielberg’s classic “Jurassic Park” broke ground in the film industry and was rewarded both in the box office and with […]