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DCL introduces new policy

By Samantha Lauring

Section: News

January 22, 2016

Students hosting registered parties must now have someone fill the new role of Alcohol Beverage Server (ABS), who must be a Brandeis student of legal drinking age responsible for all the alcohol served at the event, according to an email from the Department of Community Living.

The email discusses new and existing regulations for event registration, including the role of the ABS and “primary host.” The primary host, formerly known as the sober host, must live in the space where the event will be hosted. The ABS and the primary host will work closely together in registering for events. The ABS and the host cannot be the same person and the two must be present for the entirety of the registered event. Both positions must meet with a DCL member to discuss their event registration request. In addition to these two updated positions, alcohol service must end half an hour before the end of the event.

Although there are several updated policies, there are still a few policies that remain intact. The ABS and primary host still need to meet with a DCL member to receive a permit for event registration. Without a permit, an event is considered unregistered. Registration requests must be submitted two business days before the event and event registration will only take place when classes are in session. More information about event registration policies can be found on the DCL website or from Area Coordinators.

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