Sal’s mobile pizza in Waltham needs work

Sal’s pizza has made another appearance in Waltham, this time in the form of a food truck, which offers delivery (but only within a three-mile radius, so not to Brandeis) and pickup. They offer their full pizza menu, in two sizes, small (10 inch) and large (14 inch). After our experience with the Sal’s on campus back in October, we had to try the real Sal’s. After an hour of arguing about what pizzas to get, we decided on a large cheese pizza and large Buffalo chicken pizza, which cost us $12 and $16 respectively (though we have to say that we got 50 percent off our order). The cheese pizza consists of shredded mozzarella, Sal’s fresh dough and Sal’s sauce, while the Buffalo chicken consists of shredded mozzarella, Sal’s fresh dough, cheddar, chicken, oregano and parmesan, Buffalo drizzle and Sal’s sauce. 

Sasha Skarboviychuk 

Sal’s did not leave a good first impression on me. We had to wait another 20 minutes after our pickup time for our pizza, which means we waited for our pizza for 45 minutes. We were hungry. Very hungry. Even though that has nothing to do with the taste of the pizza, it still left a bitter taste in my mouth. By the time we got home with the pizza, it was cold, which isn’t really Sal’s fault, but I want to disclose that information, since it could’ve impacted my opinion. The cheese pizza was really good. It had the PERFECT ratio of dough, sauce and cheese, which was honestly such a breath of fresh air. 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Most pizzas that I have had have too much cheese and not enough sauce, and let’s be real here, the sauce is what makes the pizza. The Buffalo chicken pizza was not the best. The chicken had a really weird taste and some of the pieces were way too big to be on a pizza. The Buffalo sauce, which was not evenly spread on the pizza, was overpowering in places where it actually was and the places that did not have sauce on them were just kind of bland. If I wanted Buffalo chicken pizza again, I would definitely go to AK’s instead: it is much closer and has a better pizza. Overall, I would rate the cheese pizza an eight out of 10, and the Buffalo chicken pizza a seven out of 10. I would probably not go back to Sal’s, just because it is too far away and without the discount, not worth the money. 

John Fornagiel 

While Sal’s was REALLY bad with respect to punctuality, what Sasha has yet to mention is that while we were there, the cashier gave one of the customers the wrong pizza, and he had to return in order to get his proper order. However, despite the horrendous customer service, the cheese pizza was absolutely incredible. As Sasha has previously mentioned, the ratio was incredible. With each bite, there was a perfect amount of dough, sauce and cheese, and none of the flavors overpowered the others. This is a big fault when it comes to many pizzas, and is one of the first characteristics I look for when judging a pizza. Overall, Sal’s Cheese Pizza gets an eight and a half out of 10 from me! I would definitely go again, even despite the price.

Cheese Pizza

While Sal’s nailed the ratio on their cheese pizza, the Buffalo chicken pizza (which is actually one of my favorite foods) was absolutely LOADED with Buffalo sauce, and not in a good way. Each bite that I took of the Buffalo chicken pizza contained an almost repulsive amount of Buffalo sauce, to the point where it overpowered the actual flavor of the pizza. I might as well have been chugging Buffalo sauce. With that being said, I might be bashing on it a bit too much, because this was a great “leftover” pizza. When I eat leftover pizza, I eat it cold, and at this temperature the Buffalo sauce was significantly more tame and incorporated itself into the flavors of the pizza. Overall, this Buffalo chicken pizza gets a seven out of 10 from me!

There are definitely better pizzas in Waltham, but there are also worse pizzas. This is definitely a fun trip to take, and since it’s a food truck, you don’t have to go inside to get your pizza! But it is also a long trip to take. We don’t know, we are not solid on an opinion, so how about you try it for yourself. You can also use the code “PIZZAPARTY” to get 50 percent off of your first order at Sal’s, which is definitely a deal to take advantage of! 

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