Univ. COVID-19 updates: intrastate travel resumed, green passport for gosman

March 12, 2021

The university has revised its travel policy for students, which now allows travel within the state of Massachusetts, according to an email sent by Dan Kim to the student body on March 5. 

Prior to the update, travel was restricted to the Greater Boston Area, according to the email. For the fall semester, students were only allowed to travel within the Greater Boston Area unless they notified the Dean of Students Office and had their travel plans approved. 

All other travel restrictions remain in place, including no interstate travel unless it is approved by the Dean of Students Office, according to the email. 

The university has also extended the green passport requirement for all individuals using the Gosman Athletic facility, not just varsity and club sport athletes attending practice, according to the email. Yellow passports are no longer permitted for students, faculty and staff; everyone must now physically hand in their test before they can use the facilities. 

Both of these updates are effective beginning Monday, March 8 2021.

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