All things end, new things begin

I’ve been procrastinating writing this piece. You see, when I first joined The Brandeis Hoot I remember being told about the legacy that is senior ops. It’s a tradition that our little paper established for itself where, at the end of the academic year, each senior writes a piece reflecting on their time here at […]

Brandeis’ housing process failures

In an email sent to students on April 26, Brandeis Vice President of Student Affairs Andrea Dine gave an update on the housing process. She notes “that housing selection can be fraught under the best of circumstances, particularly at campuses that can not guarantee housing to all undergraduates,” adding that she is “aiming to provide […]

An Interview with Ghaith Al-Omari and David Makovsky

During their recent visit to Brandeis’ campus, The Brandeis Hoot spoke with the Washington Institute’s Ghaith Al-Omari and David Makovsky. The pair spoke about their backgrounds, the importance of communication and the potential for a two-state solution in the Palestine-Israeli conflict.    In the interview, Makovsky does note that himself and Al-Omari are not from […]

BookTok worth it or not: The final review

I’m not going to lie, it is pretty hard for me to admit this is the end of my column. What started as a way for me to cope with my feelings by reading more has turned into one of my greatest joys of the week. It has been great to be able to call […]

Distribution of menstrual products on campus

Period Activists at ’Deis (PAD) led an initiative this year through funding from the Student Union to bring menstrual products to facilities across campus, free of charge to community members. The group was denied funding from the administration after requesting funding to continue the program for the next academic year has been denied, according to […]

Univ. hosts annual Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

The university held its annual Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts over the week of April 21 to April 30. The theme of this year’s festival was “Make Art to Make Change” featuring events that celebrate the creativity of the Brandeis community along with special guest artists. “The Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative […]

Brandeis Hospitality announces new meal plan; students raise alarm

On April 26, Brandeis Hospitality announced new meal plans coming at the start of the fall 2023 semester. The changes include adding in unlimited “All Access” meal plans and removing the traditional weekly meal plans.  “Over the last two years, Brandeis University students have been gauged on what changes they wanted to see in their […]

BookTok worth it or not: Spring break edition

Spring break came and went pretty quickly but I utilized my time well by reading for fun instead of for class! And since I am in my 21-going-on-81 era, I’ve been sticking with romance books that you can find on the shelves when traveling in airports. I’m kidding—kinda. I was in a romance book kick, […]

Univ. housing numbers released, DCL gives advice to students

The university released housing numbers to community members on March 20. The housing lottery system is for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to select their on-campus housing for the next academic year. Starting on March 20, when numbers were released, students could begin to form roommate groups, according to the Department of Community Living (DCL) […]

Students put on annual Liquid Latex show: ‘Naked and Unafraid’

On Thursday, March 30, students decked their bodies in liquid latex to perform in Levin Ballroom for the 22nd annual Liquid Latex Showcase. This year’s theme was “Naked and Unafraid” and featured four choreographed dance numbers.  “Art, performance, dance and expression are all encapsulated into individual pieces created by and starring Brandeis students. Designers and […]

Student Union hosts spring elections

The first round of spring elections has begun, according to an email sent by Student Union President Peyton Gillespie ’26 in an email to community members on March 27. There will be five seats needing to be filled in the election.  The campaign period began on March 27 and will run until April 3 when […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘Never Let Me Go’

Well folks we are back. Another week, another book. Actually I have to start reading more because midterms have really been absolutely killing my reading vibe, which is unfortunate. But we persist nonetheless. Any recommendations please drop a comment on our Instagram page @thebrandeishoot—a shameless self plug because I really want new content in spite […]

What is the best sandwich?

It is a truth that should be universally acknowledged that a sandwich is only as good as its ratio. What ratio, you ask? The ratio of bread to filling. You see there is a very distinct ratio that must be kept between bread and its filling and it’s not 1:1. It’s got to be at […]

Election results released to students

The student union announced the results of the Winter Special Elections in an email sent to community members on March 13. There were five seats filled for the Massell Quad Senator, Charles River Quad Senator, Foster Mods Quad Senator, Class of 2023 Quad Senator and Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (MKTYP) Senator. “Thank you so […]

Tennis Club is a smashing success

“Game. Set. Match. Brandeis!” Take your rackets out and throw on your tennis shoes because it’s time to play tennis. Brandeis’ Club Tennis team has been taking campus by storm. With 138 members on their Campus Groups page, the team has doubled in size from its 62 members last year. The Brandeis Hoot had the […]

The unofficial official Brandeis bucket list

Well, we’ve passed the 100 days to graduation mark and so begins the countdown to the dreaded g word—graduation. In some ways graduating is really exciting, you get to go off onto your next adventure and see what else is ahead. But it also means leaving behind the things you’ve grown familiar with.  And so […]

Sleep Week comes to campus following Daylight Savings

The university hosted its annual Sleep Week starting March 12 and running through March 18. The week featured events, giveaways and activities for students to promote good sleep hygiene.  The Office of Health and Wellness Promotion (HAWP) and the Bridge to Wellness (BTW) team each sponsored events throughout the week for students to gain access […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘This Time Next Year’

Welcome back goons to the column that has persisted longer than I ever intended it to. I don’t have TikTok, but I write this BookTok—a subset of TikTok—column. Why, you may ask? Because it’s a fun log of books I read and hopefully it will help someone choose their next read or decide to pick […]