Domestic violence awareness month on campus

264 purple flags were placed on the great lawn on campus in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Signs were posted with the flags with resources for community members seeking safety if they are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse or assault. “The blank space in the display represents the trans and gender non-conforming folk […]

Only Selena stans in the building

TW does include mention of suicide    I love murder shows. Not shocking, seeing as I was raised on “Criminal Minds” and “Murder She Wrote.” I love murder shows so much I listen to it as background noise while I do different things: painting, embroidering, running, you name it I probably listen to a murder […]

Univ. Board of Trustees discuss campus affairs

University president, Ron Liebowitz, wrote an update to community members about the highlights from the October Board of Trustees Meeting, according to an email sent by the president on Oct. 15. Updates were given regarding the university’s commitment to the Anti-Racism Plan and the university’s commitment to increasing sustainability on campus.   “Throughout the meetings, […]

Students work to remove invasive species and weeds on campus

Herbicide-Free Brandeis, a student group focused on environmental conservation and the removal of toxic herbicide use on campus, held October Weeding Days where students could go and remove invasive plants and other weeds around campus, according to an Instagram post on their page.  “We will be pulling out invasive/unwanted weeds, getting to know the grounds […]

Usdan closure of Hoot Market, Lower Usdan and game room

 Signs were posted outside of Usdan Student Center on Monday, Oct. 11, saying that the Lower Usdan Dining Hall, the Hoot Market and the game room would be closed for the day, according to photos obtained by The Brandeis Hoot.  “Please be advised that Usdan Dining Hall and a section of the Hoot Market are […]

Honorary degree nominations form open

The university announced the opening of the 2022 Honorary Degree Nomination Form,  according to an email sent by President Ron Liebowitz to community members on Oct. 12. Community members can now fill out the form to nominate individuals who they believe should receive the award, according to the email.  “Today, I write to invite you […]

Board of Trustees re-elects Stephen Berger ’59

Stephen Berger ’59 has been re-elected to the Board of Trustees, according to a BrandeisNOW article. Berger served on the Board of Trustees from 1994 to 2003, according to the article.  Berger will be rejoining under the investment committee, according to the Board of Trustees page. The board is made of nine standing committees. In […]

You should be concerned about

This is a recurring column discussing different climatic and environmental topics that are being affected by human behaviors and interactions. If you have a topic you wish to be covered please reach out to    On Sep. 29, the United States Fish and Wildlife Services released a list of 23 species that they are […]

49th Annual Rosenthal Award winners win Nobel Prize in Medicine

Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work in identifying a new type of receptor which allows us to perceive temperature and pressure, according to the Nobel Prize Page. Patapoutian and Julius both won the 49th Annual Rosenthal Award in 2019 from the university, according to […]

Unknown cause of brown water in Gerstenzang

The bathroom and water fountain located near the entrance of the Gerstenzang Science Library building had brown water on Oct. 4 around 11 a.m., according to photos obtained by The Brandeis Hoot. The university’s Facilities Administration is not sure what caused the water to be brown, according to Lori Kabel, Facilities Administration Director, in an […]

Student Union announced special election winners

The Student Union 2021 Fall Round 2 Elections opened on Sep. 29, according to an email sent by James Feng ’22, Student Union Secretary and Chief of Elections. Students had 24 hours to vote in the elections; all positions ran unopposed in this election. The Senate positions being voted for included: Charles River Community Senator, […]

Health Center advises on staying healthy during flu season on campus

The Brandeis Health Center staff recommended community members get vaccinated for COVID-19 and the flu when advising the study body on how to approach the cold and flu season while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, said LaShaun Shaw, Administrative Director of The Brandeis Health Center, in an interview with The Brandeis Hoot.  For the past 18 […]

Prof’s study discusses ‘gendered political socialization’

A new study has found that children living in the United States perceive politics as a “male-dominated” space, according to a study co-written by Jill Greenlee (POL). The study also found with increasing age girls perceive political leadership as a “man’s world,” according to the study.    “As a mother of two young girls, our […]

Univ. reopens its flu vaccine clinic

The university will be distributing flu vaccines to community members starting on Oct. 4 in the Hassenfeld Conference Center, according to an email sent to the student body by Morgen Bergman, Assistant Provost of Strategic Initiatives. The clinic will be open to the Brandeis community as well as the general public, according to the email. […]

24 hour musical review 432 hours later

After much time and deliberation, I am here to review this year’s 24-hour musical, with my totally qualified background of reviewing live musical theater. Let me tell you: the 24-hour musical will always amaze me because, every year, by the time I realize it’s happening, it’s basically over, which I guess is kinda the point, […]

Welcome back to normal: everything is fine

A little over 18 months later and the pandemic is still happening. Remember when we were like “oh it’ll be like being grounded for two weeks” and then suddenly it turned into a year? Me too. But life is finally returning back to something that is somewhat normal. We are having classes in person, people […]

Univ. faculty and students attend 2021 climate march

Hundreds of people, including 90 Brandeis community members, partook in the Climate March in Boston on Sep. 24 demanding change to help mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a Boston Globe article.  Professors Sabine von Mering (GRALL, WGS, ENVS) and Sally Warner (ENVS, PHYS) helped coordinate busing for Brandeis students to attend the […]

Senate Log: Sep. 19

Student Union President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 announced the goals of the union for the academic year include increasing school spirit by making students well connected across different areas such as performing arts and athletics. “The union is what you make of it,” said Sourirajan to the returning and new Student Union members. What you put […]

Branda team gives advice on Duo authentication

The Branda team—a team responsible for the maintenance of the Branda app which connects students to university services—posted a solution to a Duo login error, according to their Sep. 6 blog post.    The Branda blog post was published on the open platform Medium—a website where individuals can read and publish work, according to their […]

Univ. updates transportation schedule

The university has updated its transportation services for students, according to an email sent by Lois Stanley, Vice President for Campus Planning and Operations and Matt Rushton, Chief of Public Safety. There have been changes made to the shuttle schedules and routes as it returns to pre-pandemic operation, according to the email.    The university […]