Dreitzer Gallery hosts ‘Dimensions 2’

This week marked the debut of the Fine Arts Department’s “Dimensions 2,” located in the Dreitzer Gallery of Spingold Theater Center exhibiting student drawing, painting and printmaking pieces. The myriad of student work, ranging from smaller sketch drawings to large, painted canvases, showcases the artistic talent of the Brandeis student body. Students from all backgrounds […]

Surviving Sodexo

Spaghetti Arrabbiata, a piquant Italian dish, is for those who crave something more savory than Usdan’s basic pasta with red sauce, healthier than the grilled cheese and certainly more “Italiano” than hamburgers and stir fry. Arrabbiata, which means angry in Italian, defines the spicy and flavorful sauce that can be created with ingredients found right […]

WSRC opens interactive video game exhibition

Over the past week, the Women’s Studies Research Center in the Epstein Building held an exhibition called “Dames Making Games: Leaps and Maneuvers,” a gallery that was installed to promote and encourage women to play and critique video games. Inside the building was an open space with small blurbs explaining the purpose of DMG (“Dames […]

Dangerous roadway system prevails on campus

Last week, the Brandeis community received an email from Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan detailing measures to combat unsafe driving on university roads. Official actions were long overdue. However, the actions proposed by Callahan do not accomplish enough to keep our roadways safe. Loop Road has a posted speed limit of 15 miles per […]

Ski team kicks off season

There might not be any snow here at Brandeis, but there is plenty on the mountains. Brandeis’ ski and snowboard club team kicked off its season on with a race on January 10th at Magic Mountain in Vermont. Brandeis performed well at the race with Allison Schwab ’16 finishing third in the women’s snowboarding slalom […]

Political satire should be culturally sensitive

Over winter break, the theatrical release of Sony Pictures’ political satire “The Interview” was canceled following an online security breach and subsequent threats by the North Korean hacking group Guardians of Peace. Sony received widespread criticism after its decision to cancel the release of the film, with many critics claiming that Sony’s actions reflected American […]

Univ. should invest more in snow removal

Though global warming continues to worsen and our climate is becoming more and more unstable, no one should be surprised that every year around this time it becomes incredibly cold. Our roads and walkways become icy, and maintenance shifts from mulching gardens and trimming plants to making sure our roadways are cleared and safe. While […]

Bookstore should lower prices

According to Forbes’ rankings, the Follett Corporation stands among the largest 200 private companies in America. According to Follett’s website, they serve more than half of the students in the entire country, in more than 80,000 schools and have physical locations on more than 940 campuses, including Brandeis. Last semester, I decided to rent my […]