‘Selma’ resonates amid current racial tensions

Following the previous night’s showing of the critically acclaimed film “Selma,” directed by Ava DuVernay, Rapaporte Treasure Hall filled to capacity as students gathered for a discussion on race and civil rights on Thursday, Jan. 22. Moderated by President Fred Lawrence, the panel featured speakers including Chad Williams, professor and chair of the African and […]

Cunningham leaves for WashU after 16 years at Brandeis

In 1988, David Cunningham stepped foot on the University of Connecticut’s campus as a first-year undergraduate student. Like most of his peers, he expected to earn a college degree over the following four years and get a job. Unbeknownst to him, this was the beginning to Cunningham’s journey to nothing short of academic excellence. While […]

Burton disappoints with plotless film

The easiest way to start this review would be to ask me to criticize the career path of Tim Burton. Perhaps I could lament his recent Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter-starring “reimaginings” of things nobody wanted to be reimagined, before discussing my nostalgia for his older films. I am not going to do this, because it’s […]

Admin. moves forward on student concerns

Far too often, the administration discusses lofty goals and projects, only to put them on hold after the initial support has diminished. Examples include previous student complaints about meal plans and the divestment from fossil fuels campaign. These were both times when the administration did not maintain focus and simply let an idea fade from […]

Indecent exposure at Walgreens

In an email sent out to the Brandeis community Tuesday afternoon, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan relayed information about an incident occurring at the Walgreens at the corner of Weston and South streets in Waltham. A Brandeis student, who was shopping there Monday evening, was victim to an act of indecent exposure. According to […]

Stein ’15 balances running start-up and academics

As if the obligations of senior year weren’t sufficiently demanding, Ethan Stein ’15 puts mere academic complaints into perspective by balancing the role of CEO with a triple major (in computer science, film and interactive media and Near East and Judaic Studies). The 22-year-old Upper East Side native came to Brandeis seeking the archetypal campus […]

Meghan Trainor is all about that debut album with ‘Title’

Meghan Trainor’s debut album “Title,” released in September, mixes bubbly pop songs and some slower songs, coming together as a very cohesive album with enough variety to keep the listener interested. The first song on the album is “The Best Part,” a short a capella piece that starts the album with a bang. The harmony […]

Rape Crisis Center offering student positions

Student activists Samantha Daniels ’16, Victoria Jonas ’15 and Ava Blustein ’15 outlined the responsibilities and application process for “peer advocate” positions at the soon-to-be implemented Brandeis Rape Crisis Center (RCC) to interested students on Tuesday. The Rape Crisis Center, an extension of Brandeis’ Peer Counseling Center and the Office of Prevention Services, was first […]

Free speech must be protected in all situations

My high school once performed a comedic retelling of “The Princess and the Pea,” a story about a girl, who, to prove she is a true princess, must feel a pea beneath 20 mattresses. The play’s queen creates the test to examine the girl’s “sensitivity.” During this past winter break, with stories of tweets, magazines […]

Setting priorities

At the beginning of every semester, there are a lot of choices to make. There’s the obvious choice of class selection. Ideally, these have already been chosen the semester prior during early registration, but we all know that that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, we are not only figuring out how a lecture or recitation […]

Heller School Professor Lisa Dodson fights poverty

Heller School Professor Lisa Dodson is an accomplished writer, researcher and educator who has made significant contributions to the study of poverty and the lives of those living in poverty. She focuses on the role of race, class and gender in poverty. Her most recent published work, “We Don’t Fight Poverty Anymore,” an article for […]

Susan Sered speaks about incarcerated women in the U.S.

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Tennis returns to the courts

The Brandeis women’s tennis team kicked off its spring season this past Monday, Jan. 19. The team has put in hours of training over the off-season to get ready for their first game Feb. 7 at Bryant University. “The team trained by practicing multiple times a week and working out both on our own and […]

Memorial event to reclaim MLK’s legacy

On Monday evening, Jan. 19, members of the Brandeis community gathered in the fully packed Shapiro Campus Center Theater for the school’s 10th annual Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The event was co-hosted by Dean of Students Jamele Adams and Rabbi Elyse Winick ’86, and was also sponsored by the Dean of Students […]

This Week in Photos: Jan. 18

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Day of Interfaith Service celebrates King’s legacy and social justice

On Monday, Jan. 19, the fifth annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Interfaith Service was held at Brandeis. The event brought together many organizations and around 250 volunteers to celebrate the legacy of King through valuable community service. Brandeis students as well as middle and high school students from the surrounding area attended […]

Comic dating coaches share wisdom with students

Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell, contrary to what their ordinary and boring names suggest, have managed to become semi-famous because of the amazing virtual portal we call the Internet. Dave and Ethan made their YouTube debut in 2009 with their video “Double Date Us: Dave and Ethan Introduction,” where they challenged girls to double date […]