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Brandeis choreographer speaks about ‘Legally Blonde’

This March, Hillel Theater Group will be presenting “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” which is based off of the film starring Reese Witherspoon. As with any musical, there will be exciting dance numbers. Lisa Petrie ’17, a choreographer for the Brandeis production and staff member for The Brandeis Hoot, gave some insight.

Brandeis Hoot: What do you love about “Legally Blonde?”

Lisa Petrie: I think “Legally Blonde” is such a great show because it’s not only fun, but it also has such a great message. The main character is someone who is judged for her appearance, but is able to prove to everyone that she is a lot more than she seems. I think this is an amazing message for people of all ages, but especially for girls, that you can do and be whatever you want. The other great thing about this musical is that Elle starts off trying to win the guy, but then realizes that what’s really important is succeeding for herself. This is an entirely new concept in relation to older musicals, and I think that’s a great change.

BH: What is your personal dance background?

LP: My personal dance background is pretty extensive, my mom put me in baby ballet classes when I was three, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve been taking ballet and tap since then, then I added on jazz, modern and contemporary. I also had small experiences with pointe and hip-hop, but those never really clicked with me. As for musical theater, I’ve been in productions since second grade.

BH: What has the choreography process for this show been like?

LP: So far, we haven’t done a ton of choreography, but Mikah [Atkind ’16] and I work really well together, so it’s been really great so far. We choreographed a couple pieces for auditions, and they came together really quickly, and everyone loved them, so I’m really hoping it continues in that vein.

BH: What is your favorite dance number from “Legally Blonde?”

LP: My favorite dance numbers are probably “Whipped Into Shape” and “Bend and Snap.” “Whipped Into Shape” is a really cool aerobic, jump roping piece, and I just think it’s so fun. It’s going to exhaust everyone in it though! The “Bend and Snap” is so iconic; that will probably be one of the audience’s favorites. The cast already loves doing the “Bend and Snap.”

BH: What else about the show are you excited for?

LP: I’m so excited to do all the choreography for “Legally Blonde.” I was a member of the Greek Chorus in my senior year of high school so being on the production staff for this musical is a dream come true. Working with the cast is so amazing, the production staff is so talented and fun, and this musical is just so entertaining, I can’t wait for it all to come together.

BH: Can people still audition?

LP: Unfortunately we are already pretty far in rehearsals so people can’t still audition. But, if you want to join in on the fun, tickets are on sale for March 26, 28 and 29.

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