Community highlighted in heartfelt student testimonies

Following a successful online campaign, the social media event #BrandeisIsOurHouse came to Brandeis again this week in a physical form on campus. The event was organized by Kelsey Segaloff ’15, who, upset by the wave of negativity at on social media, conceived of the hashtag #BrandeisIsOurHouse to inspire a positivity campaign and foster a sense […]

President Lawrence to step down, leaves mixed legacy

President Frederick M. Lawrence will step down as the president of Brandeis effective June 30, at which point Provost Lisa Lynch will become interim president. Lawrence, the eighth president of Brandeis, made this announcement on Jan. 30. A message was sent out to Brandeis alumni the following day from President of the Brandeis Alumni Association […]

President should consult student opinion

This past Friday, Jan. 30, Brandeis President Frederick M. Lawrence announced that he will resign from the university at the end of this academic year. After five years in the position, Lawrence leaves behind a mixed legacy. He inherited a series of problems, which he strove to combat, while also coming under constant fire. When […]

VP Gray expresses gratitude for staff members after Juno

With the arrival of Winter Storm Juno last Monday evening, the university had to make plans quickly to ensure the safety for students, faculty and staff on campus. Only able to maintain the bare necessities of campus operations, such as keeping roadways clear and serving food to students, the school was forced to close for […]

Brandeis National Committee holds discussion for ’DEIS Impact

At one of the first ’DEIS Impact events, the Brandeis National Committee (BNC) and other members of the Brandeis community discussed the state of workplace gender bias on Tuesday, Feb. 3 during “A Woman’s Place: An Intergenerational Discussion on Gender Inequality in the Workplace.” Karishma Pradhan ’15, a BNC student representative, led the discussion. She […]

Eliana’s Advice: Handling Valentine’s Day and the diseased

Eliana, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there’s this guy in my anthropology lecture that I kinda sorta like, and I thought it might be nice to get him something for Valentine’s Day. I know we’re not handing out cards in kindergarten anymore, but I can still be romantic. Is there anyway I can go […]

Maximizing efficiency, minimizing employee dignity

On Nov. 21, 1910, Louis Brandeis popularized a revolutionary economic theory called scientific management. This theory argued for businesses to focus on raising their efficiency to lower their production costs and in turn increase their total revenue. Scientific management has been hallowed by many economists and business leaders and has been applied to almost every […]

Counseling center should focus on thesis stress

You will be seeing less of my column in The Hoot. No, it’s not due to resignation, nor editorial censorship. I will be here less due to the issue of prioritizing my time. I am a senior, and because I hate myself and want to contribute to academia, I am doing a thesis about American […]

Technology assistance should be more accessible

I’m not much of a technology person. I mean, I’m not the kind of person who has to search out each key on the keyboard in order to type, and I never use AltaVista in an attempt to find my email account. I’ve never shoved a floppy disk into my CD drive, but I can’t […]

Behind-the-scenes talent in the spotlight with ‘Tech Show’

At any artistic performance, there are people in the stage light—those who are in public view, the main attraction of the show—and the techies, or those who make the show to happen. These people are never seen beyond the stage curtains, but they decorate the show, give it a touch of flair and make a […]

Judges fall to Yellow Jackets

Sunday, Feb. 1 was not the Judges’ day as the men’s basketball team took on the University of Rochester in a University Athletic Association match up. Despite a packed house in Gosman, the pumped crowd couldn’t help the Judges make their shots, as they suffered a 78-50 loss to the Yellow Jackets. Rochester pulled away […]

Univ. needs to phase out Brandeis Open network, improve eduroam

On a daily basis, Brandeis students normally have a lot to deal with: studying, working, eating and sleeping. With all that we go through, we shouldn’t have to worry about our Internet access, which for some has been looping in and out of connectivity. For others, this problem is compounded with previous computer history and […]

Women give up close game to Rochester

After ending their three-game skid with a convincing victory against Emory, the Brandeis women’s basketball team sought to extend their momentum further into the University Athletic Association conference with their game against the University of Rochester Yellow Jackets last Sunday, Feb. 1, as well. However, despite the Judges’ impressive effort throughout the game, it was […]

Dean’s list not a marker of success

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. It makes you feel good. Not to go on a cliched rant, but nowadays, awards are handed out a lot more liberally than before. That isn’t necessarily a problem when a seven-year-old gets a ribbon for showing up to every Little League practice. That’s for a child, […]

Alan Khazei delivers ’DEIS Impact keynote on social justice and civic engagement

On Tuesday evening, Feb. 3, despite icy roads and snow-filled walkways, members of the Brandeis community gathered in Levin Ballroom to listen to social entrepreneur Alan Khazei deliver the keynote address of the fourth annual ’DEIS Impact week titled “Social Change Through Civic Engagement and Pragmatic Idealism.” The talk was co-sponsored by the Eli J. […]

Seniors David Altman and Brad Burns form a BADASS team

Neither David Altman ’15 nor Brad Burns ’15 participated in debate activities during high school. However, years after leaving their respective hometowns of Newton and Beverly, MA, they have become staples of the Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society, also known affectionately by its acronym BADASS. Having both served as BADASS presidents, they are no […]

Surviving Sodexo: NDNG—No Dairy, No Gluten

One great aspect of Sodexo is that students can always count on the availability of bread, cereal, pizza, bagels and a variety of ice cream. Yet, for dairy and gluten free Maya Vasser ’16 and other students like her, Sodexo does not always have the same reliability. “It’s not that hard, but my options are […]

Brandeis choreographer speaks about ‘Legally Blonde’

This March, Hillel Theater Group will be presenting “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” which is based off of the film starring Reese Witherspoon. As with any musical, there will be exciting dance numbers. Lisa Petrie ’17, a choreographer for the Brandeis production and staff member for The Brandeis Hoot, gave some insight. Brandeis Hoot: What do […]

John Carpenter tells musical story with ‘Lost Themes’

Despite being both a film nerd and a music nerd, I have never been a particular follower of movie soundtracks. I know the famous and great ones, but besides Prince’s “Purple Rain” album and Daft Punk’s “Tron: Legacy” score, I don’t own any, and I’m not really interested in buying more. It was for this […]