Sorensen Fellows prepare for summer projects

Awarded the prestigious Sorensen Fellowship, eight undergraduate students will soon be preparing to embark on summer internship experiences located across the globe, from New York to Ethiopia. The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, which sponsors the program, announced Bezaye Toshome ’16, Bethlehem Seifu Belaineh ’16, Tove Freeman ’16, Shaoleen Khaled ’16, Anni […]

Campus renovation and student safety discussed in panel

Several Brandeis buildings, including unrenovated Ziv halls, various first-year residence halls, Einstein’s Bagels and the campus bookstore, will be renovated over the summer, according to Vice President for Operations Jim Gray. Gray informed students of the coming changes at a group panel discussion organized by the Student Union. The panel also featured Senior Vice President […]

‘Kingsman’ brings new excitement to spy genre

From the trailer, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” appeared confident, a little edgy, outrageously daring and, if nothing else, diverting. Luckily, the film delivered and exceeded those high expectations. In its barest bones, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is about one street kid’s encounter with a covert, highly competitive and prestigious spy organization known as Kingsman. Eggsy, […]

Crowd Control wants you to get in bed with their comedy

Crowd Control is easily one of Brandeis’ most popular improv groups. The Brandeis Hoot interviewed co-directors Danielle Balanov ’17 and Nicole Bunis ’16 in addition to business manager Jonny Shakerchi ’16 to find out more about Crowd Control. Brandeis Hoot: Why did you join Crowd Control? Danielle: I had no other option. Don’t write that, […]

AAAS Department has vibrant past, important future

Brandeis’ African and Afro-American Studies (AAAS) Department was founded on April 24, 1969, not long after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The department was formed after 70 black students occupied Ford and Sydeman Halls with a list of 10 demands to better their representation. The students, led by Roy DeBerry ’70 and […]

3-Day Startup ignites entrepreneurial minds on campus

Over the weekend of Feb. 7, about two dozen Brandeis students descended on the International Business School for the annual 3 Day Startup competition. 2015 marks the fourth year that a 3DS competition has been held at IBS. Originally held at the University of Texas in 2008, the program is now operated at 60 schools […]

Brandeis hosts 4th annual ‘DEIS Impact festival

The fourth annual ’DEIS Impact festival, where students, staff and faculty gather to discuss social justice issues, began this year on Jan. 30 and continued until Feb. 9. This year’s ’DEIS Impact featured keynote Speaker Alan Khazei, co-founder of City Year and CEO of Be The Change, Inc. The week began with the “’DEIS Impact […]

Lecture explores Holocaust remembrance in Austria

The Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) hosted a lecture on public memory by Dr. Karen Frostig, one of their resident scholars, titled “What Happens When We Forget To Remember?” on Thursday, Feb. 26. Frostig serves as president and founding artistic director of the Vienna Project, which is a fairly new “process-based expression of remembrance” of […]

Brandeis Athletics coordinator tragically killed in car crash

She was 31 years old, and her colleagues described her as one of the warmest, most personable and most energetic individuals at Brandeis. Her coaches noted that she was a fantastic, graceful, all-around athlete who was a leader on the lacrosse field. Her family called her an absolute super human. Sadly, on Thursday, Feb. 12, […]

University should encourage lifelong learning

As I’ve started to apply for summer internships, I’ve not only found the whole process of looking for a summer activity, along with searching for an idea of a career for the rest of my life, somewhat nerve-wracking. Of course everyone is afraid of commitment, but having to find a job that will last for […]

UAC Subcommittee Final Report released to the public

The final report of the University Advisory Committee (UAC) Subcommittee on Sexual Violence was released on the Provost’s website earlier this month. The Provost appointed the subcommittee in 2013. It completed the report in June, and in November, attached an addendum responding to the 2014-15 Brandeis “Rights and Responsibilities.” Upon completion, the subcommittee released the […]

Prof. Brooten awarded honorary doctorate in theology

Bernadette J. Brooten, the Myra and Robert Kraft and Jacob Hiatt Professor of Christian Studies, was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in theology from the University of Bern. Brooten (NEJS/CLAS/WMGS) is the founder and director of the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project at Brandeis. Her work focuses on religion and sexual ethics, as well as their […]

Limited weekend services problematic for students

It’s Friday evening, and you’re headed into lower Usdan with a few friends to grab dinner. As you approach the cashier you dig into your pocket for your ID to use a meal swipe. Wait—it’s not in that pocket. Maybe check your jacket pocket? Nope. It’s most likely between some unknown cushions in a lounge. […]

Students divulge insecurities through photo project

Leah Newman ’17, a double major in American studies and history with a minor in journalism, has been thinking a lot about insecurities this week, but not for the reasons one might first think. Recently she’s gotten involved by bringing a large and growing photography project to the Brandeis campus that focuses on people’s insecurities. […]

Unofficial roads pose unofficial danger

Driving problems are not new on our campus. Last year, Maryanne Cai ’16 addressed the issue of campus safety in her opinion article “Drivers must be more conscientious on Loop Road,” published in The Brandeis Hoot. Before that comes a long line of earlier complaints or warnings. All these writings make it clear how problematic […]

Univ. snowstorm staff should not go unnoticed

This has been a historic winter for the Northeast. Boston topped 100 inches of cumulative snow for only the second time in recorded history. So far, Brandeis has closed four times and delayed opening once. The Brandeis Hoot would like to thank facilities workers for the phenomenal job they have done to preserve Brandeis students’ […]

Room selection resembles something out of Panem

Next week the Number Games begin. Soon, across our dining halls and classrooms, from Shapiro to Shapiro to Shapiro our students will duke it out to conquer that resource so valuable men would lie, cheat and (hopefully not) kill to acquire it: housing. Some of you have been planning for ages, ruthlessly studying floor plans […]

Vaccinate your kids, don’t give in to fear

In an age where medical science has saved the lives of millions, prolonged the lives of many others and increased quality of life for countless more, it is baffling that nearly one in five people in my generation think that vaccinations cause autism. Why has the generation of the tech savvy and the science-driven turned […]

Surviving Sodexo: Perfect parfaits

This week’s recipe for a yogurt parfait is not directed toward a specific type of eater and is not made for a specific time of day. “It works for breakfast if I don’t feel like having eggs. It works for lunch if I want to have it with a salad. But also, for dinner, it […]