‘The Way of Water’ shines and retains seriousness

This week, the Brandeis Theater Company launched its first performance of “The Way of Water,” a play that movingly highlights the lasting effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The play focuses on four individuals impacted by the spill and how they try to endure the horrific destruction of […]

Student curators speak about Rose collection

On Thursday, Brandeis students and other guests gathered in the Farber Library Mezzanine to celebrate “Disrupted Spaces: Photographs from the Carey Schwartz ’87 Collection of the Rose Art Museum,” which is the first curation exhibition of the Carey Schwartz ’87 Collection of the Rose Art Museum. Curators Sofía Retta ’15 and Sarah McCarty ’15 discussed […]

Univ. must take steps to prevent waste

The Mandel Atrium in the Rabb area, as one of the more modern common areas on campus, is a highly popular one for studying. It’s got a lot of light, interesting light fixtures and even a television. Hell, it’s even got comfy chairs. However, if you glance around the spacious chamber, you’ll see a fireplace […]

Prof. emeritus named president of American Academy of Arts and Letters

Who is Yehudi Wyner? To say the least, he is a man of many talents. Wyner is a renowned composer, a former professor at Yale, Harvard, SUNY Purchase, Cornell and Brandeis, a professor emeritus at Brandeis and the new president of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Wyner was born in 1929 into what […]

Judges fight back but fall to Emory

After losing five games in a row, the men’s baseball team was desperate for a big victory to bounce back with confidence and momentum. The number-nine ranked Emory might not have been the best target, as the Eagles are undefeated in the UAA conference so far, but the Judges tried their best to come back […]

Union positions should be competitive and coveted

This week, Brandeis held its annual Student Union elections, and The Brandeis Hoot is dismayed by the apathy among Brandeis students. Very few students run for Student Union positions, and very few students vote in the elections. This year, candidates ran unopposed in every race besides vice president. Only one student ran for Student Union […]

Laundry services should be improved

There’s no doubt most of us have come across laundry troubles in our time here at Brandeis. Those who haven’t maybe should invest in a lottery ticket. The process of lugging and doing laundry is strenuous and stressful as it is without the headaches the machines cause us. The machines and the payment system as […]

New Rose exhibition opens in Farber Library

Unlike most of the Rose Art Museum’s exhibitions, the newest addition will not be shown in the museum building itself. Instead, it will be presented in the Farber Library Mezzanine. Titled “Disrupted Spaces: Photographs from the Carey Schwartz ’87 Collection of the Rose Art Museum,” the exhibition—curated by Sofía Retta ’15 and Sarah McCarty ’15—opened […]

Sodexo must label ingredients in food

Our campus is known for many things: rolling hills, distinctive faculty, an active student population and terrible food. Sure, it might be common for college students to focus so much on their terrible food options, but this issue is especially true of Brandeis. I’m not going to be commenting—or complaining—about food quality again in this […]

‘Predestination’ fails to compel

It is very hard to find fun and original science fiction movies these days. Take for example, if you will, the year 2014. Last year, the three most financially successful sci-fi films were “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” Of those three, two were big-budget […]

Clubs bastions of student individuality

When I ask high school friends about their weekends at college, I usually hear tales of sporting events, partying and Greek life. In contrast, when I then talk about my weekends at college, I tell my friends about the cultural events, performances and activism I have attended or been a part of. One of Brandeis’ […]

To protect students, univ. must step up residential security

I was sitting in Shapiro lounge on Friday evening when my roommate came in and frantically asked whether I had borrowed a large sum from his wallet on his desk. I hadn’t, and upon returning anxiously to the room, I found that my wallet had been emptied as well. Someone had gone into our (carelessly) […]

Criminal justice symposium examines socioeconomic inequalities

Speakers from across the Boston area discussed American incarceration at the 20th Annual Tillie K. Lubin Symposium on Tuesday, March 10. Titled “Criminal Justice? Race, Gender, and Incarceration,” the lecture focuses on women’s, gender and sexuality studies, with particular interest in contemporary issues and events. The symposium was named after Tillie Kulp-Lubin, whose husband, Charles […]

Advancement in genetic enhancement potentially problematic

A futuristic science fiction reality may be closer than we think. On Monday evening, in Gerstenzang 124, Jamie Metzl presented on the topic of the future of the human race. His lecture, titled “Homo Sapiens 2.0: Genetic Enhancements, Ethics and the Faith of Humanity,” was hosted by Professor Larry Wangh (BIOL/HSSP) and his class, “Genes […]

Student activists should go national to get voices heard

Brandeis has a large population of students who are passionate about issues occurring on campus, around the country and across the globe. For the most part, these students take action concerning the topics they are passionate about. A recent example of this is the opening of the Rape Crisis Center (RCC), which was an initiative […]

Feminist activist speaks at Heller for International Women’s Day

Somali women’s rights activist and founder of the non-governmental organization (NGO) El-Karama Hibaaq Osman, spoke to students and faculty at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management on Wednesday afternoon, March 11 as part of their COEX International Women’s Day celebration. The Heller School has hosted International Women’s Day events previously, with guest speakers […]