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Surviving Sodexo: A hearty soup

Every day for lunch and dinner Sherman serves two homemade soups. These soups range from Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup to American Bounty Vegetable Soup to Navy Bean Soup. While the soups themselves are delicious, oftentimes they are not quite enough to serve as an entire meal. This week’s Surviving Sodexo is the recipe to one of many different soups that can be made with the broth from one of the Sherman provided soups along with different ingredients from around the kitchen. It is enough to be an entire meal and contains almost every food group.

1 bowl of broth
1/3 bowl of either rice or quinoa
1 piece of grilled chicken
chick peas
cheddar cheese (optional)

Fill a bowl 2/3 the way with broth from one of the two provided Sherman soups. At least one of the soups will have a broth base, as opposed to chili or chowder. Either rice or quinoa will be available in the “simple servings” or “entree” section of Sherman. If both are provided, choose whichever you prefer, and add one serving of it to the broth. At the grill, ask for one piece of grilled chicken. On the same plate, add a few slices of pepper, a spoon of chick peas, celery and carrots from the salad bar. Cut everything, including the chicken, into bite sized pieces. Add this to the broth, and your soup is complete! If you wish, cheese from the salad bar can be sprinkled and melted on top of the soup for extra flavor. Feel free to add other ingredients to the soup, as the ingredients above are simply a starting point. Enjoy!


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