Prosthesis club gives a helping hand

While Brandeis students are known for their engagement in community service, the Brandeis Prosthesis Club (BPC) literally gives a helping hand to those in need. This semester, the club has already provided two young recipients with prosthetic hands made in the on-campus, 3D printing MakerLab. “The idea behind 3D printing for kids is that it’s […]

PHIL 128A: The intersection of culture, religion, philosophy and the law

Should the state recognize polygamy? Should feminists struggle to emancipate women from cultural practices to which they themselves do not object? If these questions, introduced in the syllabus, pique your interest, note that they are only a taste of the legal and multicultural debates to be addressed in Dr. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe’s Spring 2018 course […]

DCL prepared to respond to bomb threats

During the August bomb threat, Department of Community Living (DCL) Director Tim Touchette was one of the point people for the team clearing residential buildings and evacuating student. Under directions for Chief of University Police Ed Callahan, “DCL’s main goal was to ensure that all students were appropriately evacuated to the designated area,” wrote Touchette […]

Seniors Reflect on UWS

“As a senior reflecting on your time at Brandeis, how did UWS impact your college career?” “More so than the content of what I studied in the course, I really learned a lot from the…formatting of the whole thing. I never again had to write a lens essay, but I always felt confident that I […]

A Passion for Preparing Pickles

Angsty_pickles Instagramer Tres Fimmano’s ’18 introduction to pickling came in the form of an unexpected blueprint for pickled eggs on the back side of a recipe for pancakes. “Out of curiousity, I tried them,” said Fimmano about the eggs. Lo and behold, the chance recipe introduced Fimmano to the world of pickling, a culinary specialty […]

737 Hoot Market items donated to hurricane relief

Over the course of a two-week drive in the Hoot Market (C-store), 737 items were donated and are to be sent to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. The drive was a collaboration between the university and dining services, according to General Manager of Brandeis Dining Services Andy Allen. “We know that the community wanted […]

Meet the student employees of the library

Hannah Moser ’18- Information and Borrowing Assistant Hannah Moser ’18 is an Information and Borrowing Assistant at the library. On any typical work day, she finds herself checking in items, troubleshooting people’s problems and shelving in the off hours—“a weird hobby,” as she described it. “It’s very relaxing. You’re just organizing things and putting things where […]

Hackett addresses importance of federally funded research

The Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, in a bipartisan effort, rejected President Trump’s proposed budget cuts for the National Institute of Health (NIH) by approving a bill that would instead increase funding by $2 billion. This money, according to Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), […]

Kids’ Club volunteers shape program direction

Teamwork. Program Development. Leadership. While these skills are typically associated with Business, HSSP and other academic programs at Brandeis, for Waltham Group Co-President Lee Wilson ’18, they defined his experience with Prospect Hill Kids’ Club, a Waltham Group program that provides after-school tutoring and games for children living in the largest low-income housing complex in […]

A Hygge Summer Abroad: Books and Bars

Students typically say goodbye to each other for summer break, but for senior Danielle Simms ’18, the break was an opportunity to say hello to a new set of friends and a new city. At the start of July, Simms embarked on a journey from her hometown of Chattanooga, TN to Copenhagen, Denmark for a […]

Investigating the use of study medication

From electronic textbooks to online documents that multiple students can view and edit simultaneously, the academic experience has changed drastically from the days of typewriters and volumes of library reference books. With university administrators, faculty and students on the lookout for ways to maximize the collegiate academic experience, online tools such as Quizlet, access to […]

Fresh out of the Kutz Bakery

While 3:30 a.m. is the end of a long night of studying for many students, it is the beginning of the workday for Lead Baker Steve Mulready of the Kutz Bakery. Throughout the day, he and his team bake enough bread, pastries and desserts to supply both dining halls, Louis’ Deli, the C-Store, the on-campus […]

Professional publication fosters friendship

High-quality, professional and academic are all adjectives used to describe the Brandeis International Journal. However, while these descriptions can at times be daunting to any new writer, publication board members pride themselves on the Journal’s warm community and focus on teaching. The Journal, which prints once a semester, exists to promote not only discourse on […]

Sodexo’s Lunardi makes Sherman home

From experience as a bank manager, garde manger chef and even a mother, Elaine Lunardi, dining manager of Sherman, ensures not only the production of high-quality food, but that the dining hall is a place that students and staff alike can feel at home. “I am all about the kids,” said Lunardi. “If I wouldn’t […]

A donor’s testimony

You just don’t know who you are going to touch and what someone’s connection could be, according to Melinda Estelle, a kidney donor. Since donating her kidney to a coworker’s husband a year and a half ago, Estelle has been an advocate for kidney donation and the life changing impact it has. On campus as […]

Brandeisian in the operating room

As is a common theme among Brandeis students, Dr. Sander Florman ’89, now director of the Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center, was a student of many interests during his time as an undergraduate at Brandeis. While he managed to complete all the pre-medicine requirements and earn a letter of recommendation for medical […]

Social justice stays with Spector come May

People don’t realize how much power businesses have in terms of improving human rights, explained Heather Spector ’17. Spector is set to kickstart her career with a business consulting role at Accenture, “a strategy, consulting, digital, tech and operations” firm, after graduation. A double major in business and computer science with a minor in Social […]

Making Deroy Hall home

“If you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to her one day, then I recommend you take it!” said Ari Keigan ’18 about Olga Yanes. From 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Yanes works as a custodian in Deroy and is always a warm presence in the residence hall. Originally from Guatemala, Yanes moved to the […]

Reusable bottles owned but not used

A lack of reusable water bottles is not an excuse for Brandeis students who contribute to the plastic water bottle sales on campus, a survey put out by the Senate Sustainability Committee revealed. Out of 301 survey respondents, 95 percent own a reusable water bottle. It’s about making it more convenient to use reusable water […]

Student Grounds: from idea to reality

Ever been in desperate need of a last minute biology tutor, to advertise your club to a large audience or an instantaneous way to complete online transactions with other students? There are so many sites and providers of these sorts of college necessities, and Brandon Miskin ’18 had them all in mind when creating his […]