Off-campus students report increased police monitoring

Officer Cory Amarante of the Waltham Police Department approached Brandeis students at their off-campus homes on Saturday, Aug. 29 and warned them, in what students called a “threatening” manner, not to host any parties at their residences.  Off-campus homes approached include several of Brandeis’ unaffiliated fraternities such as Phi Kappa Psi, Zeta Beta Tau and […]

Increased dialogue needed between students and community authority

On Saturday, Aug. 29, an officer from the Waltham Police Department approached the off-campus residences of several Brandeis students and warned them not to host parties, threatening them with arrest should they disobey the police. This week, The Brandeis Hoot published a news article detailing the events of Aug. 29 and subsequent meetings between administration […]

Prince’s “HITNRUN: phase one” a hit?

On Monday, Sept. 7, veteran performance artist Prince released his 38th studio album, titled “HITnRUN phase one.” The album itself was only announced a month and a half ago and is still available, though only in digital form. For an artist who changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol for seven years to get out […]

Crown Center celebrates 10 years of diversity

This Tuesday, Sept. 8 the Crown Center for Middle East Studies celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Director of the Crown Center Shai Feldman began his introduction by announcing that the Crown Center has always been a reputable, committed and scholarly center for Middle East Studies, since its conception back in 2005. For the past 10 […]

Beauty and the blush

Some mornings I wonder why I even put on makeup, especially when I spend three minutes of my life, which I could have spent sleeping, making sure my eyeliner doesn’t make me look like a raccoon, or when I carefully and slowly re-apply lipstick in the bathroom, making sure I don’t end up with a […]

Prof. Hill and Pogrebin ’59 discuss feminist generational disconnect

Professor Anita Hill (HS) and author Letty Cottin Pogrebin ’59 held a discussion focused on the changing dynamics of feminism, Judaism and social justice over the course of generations. Both Hill and Pogrebin are prominent feminists in their fields, studying topics like race, gender and women in religion. Pogrebin’s newest book, “Single Jewish Male Seeking […]

It’s one big improvisation

As Brandeis students, we have access to a plethora of classes and no shortage of fields to study. Because of this, we are encouraged to take courses outside our major and minor tracks, but a lot of times, that can be overwhelming. One look at the course guide, and a student could come away more […]

Waltham Group recruits new members to expand service

Students attended the Waltham Group’s recruitment night on Thursday, Sept. 10 in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC). Founded in 1966, the Waltham Group is an umbrella community service organization that houses 20 different subgroups. These groups all cater to different areas of interest and offer many opportunities for students to participate in community service in […]

Many concerns brought up at town hall

Students brought up a number of concerns at a Sept. 9 town hall held by Brandeis University’s Interim President Lisa M. Lynch, Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel and Vice President of Operations James W. Gray, but few were addressed in full. At the meeting, Lynch confirmed that she was not a […]

24-Hour Musical takes audience to Neverland

It takes a particular amount of audacity to be part of any performance when there is limited time to prepare, and a whole other realm of boldness to perform a musical in 24 hours. When the limits of the human spirit are tested, the fact that any person would want to be part of the […]

Belief in soul jeopardizes mental health

Perhaps one of the greatest detriments to mental health reform—both legislative and social—is the soul. That is to say, not with the soul itself (as I believe it does not exist), but rather with the notion that we have a soul separate and unrelated to the realm of the physical. Such a belief is no […]

Women’s soccer starts season undefeated

After achieving two solid victories against MIT and Lasell College, the Judges managed to hang on to their momentum as they rolled over Bridgewater State University with a 3-1 victory in their home opener on Tuesday. While gaining their third straight win, the Judges seemed to have found the right rhythm early in the season […]

BAM/CO hosts Chum’s grand reopening

On Sunday, Sept. 6, Chum’s had its first event of the semester, marking the reopening of one of the safest, most comfortable places on campus. Last semester, Chum’s was closed without notice after a couple of students smoked inside, setting off the fire alarm. The staff members, unaware of what was occurring, did not evacuate […]

Judges gain traveled tennis coach

With the new school year and season underway, the tennis team welcomes new assistant coach and equipment manager Michael Kopelman. He joins the Brandeis team after a stint with cross-town rival Bentley University where he was an assistant coach for the men’s and women’s team, his first collegiate coaching experience. He brings with him more […]

Sherman Dining Hall now shell of former self

When I first visited Brandeis as a prospective student in 2013, shiny new buildings were not the first thing on my mind. In fact, what I was shown did not even remotely fit that description. Before the tour took me through Massell Quad and up campus—a walk that today I am still uncomfortable making—we went […]

Secured clubs’ allocations lower than expected

In response to several large funding requests and alleged policy violations, the Brandeis Allocations Board has decided to limit the allocated budgets of several secured clubs on campus. According to Brandeis student and A-Board representative Alex Mitchell ’17, “More people [have] asked for more money than ever before, and we’ve had less money than we’ve […]

New club Behind the Scenes welcomes techies

Every year, a few new clubs are created, adding on to the already extensive list of approximately 250 official clubs on campus. It is always interesting to see what isn’t offered at Brandeis, and this year Behind the Scenes brings something new to the table. Behind the Scenes (BTS) represents the opportunity for students to […]

Brandeis senior excels at the fine arts

The extensive realm of the fine arts can be a daunting field in which to major, but it is in that realm that Cesar Pineda ’16 has found his passion. Pineda has narrowed his focus to photography and painting, expressing his emotions and ideas through colors and abstract shapes. Though photography holds an important place […]

Help is always appreciated

A girl knocked on my door one odd Sunday after a night where very few in my building chose to stay in. She seemed a bit distressed that I was not the person she was looking for, and stumbled a bit over her statements, but ultimately she managed to do what she came to do: […]

Cultural appropriation in ‘Peter Pan’ perpetuates stereotypes

“Peter Pan” is classic and cute, and it is easy to see it as just that. But “Peter Pan” has some dark undertones relating to the portrayal of Native Americans. Doing a show without thinking or talking to the cast and production staff about the racist implications of the show is thoughtless. Yes, we still […]