Orientation: useful or useless?

Cars full of over-packed luggage, chronically lost students and a plethora of red shirts can only mean one thing: 2015’s first-year orientation. As a first-year student myself, I don’t have any other orientations as comparison, but this seems to be their usual: a mix of pep, excitement and new experiences. While there are many pros […]

First Food Truck Festival falls short

Located between the long line of students eagerly awaiting the chance to get a ticket for this year’s 24-Hour Musical and the savory tunes of How Deep Was the Ocean as they kicked off the Rose Art Museum’s “Lamplight Sessions” concert series, the Sept. 6 Food Truck Festival gave students a break from the monotony […]

‘Paper Towns’: an authentic teen flick

If you have been paying attention to popular culture in the past few years, especially in the young adult vein, you have probably heard of John Green. His novel, “The Fault in Our Stars” was adapted into a popular feature film last summer. This summer marked the release of an adaptation of another one of […]

Gymnastics: from casual club to competitive team

In the summer of 2012 before he came to Brandeis, Benjy Hechtman ’15, a fan of competitive gymnastics, hadn’t envisioned himself ever leading the club gymnastics team here. When Hechtman arrived at Brandeis, the club was purely recreational and practiced once a week. Now, the team competes at meets thanks to Hechtman’s efforts to “It […]

Zenobia Moochhala MA ’98 of Care.com speaks at Entrepreneurs Forum

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Zenobia Moochhala MA ’98 spoke at an Entrepreneurs Forum in Lee Hall. Moochhala, a Brandeis alumna who is a co-founder and vice president of consumer marketing at Care.com, gave a speech explaining the necessary components of starting an enterprise. Care.com, an online care marketplace platform that operates in 16 countries, matches […]

Segal Fellows share summer experience

This past summer, six Brandeis students completed internships in line with the values of citizen leadership of the Eli J. Segal Fellowship. This year, Aja Antoine ’17, Witney Christie ’17, Leah Sakala MBA ’17, Estela Lozano ’16, Analissa Iversen MPP/MBA ’16 and Molly Pearlman ’16 were inaugurated into the Segal Network as the most recent […]

Brandeis’ gift of life

A campus ambassador for Gift of Life, Rebecca Siegel ’16 is committed to the fight against cancer. This non-profit organization is “dedicated to saving lives and facilitating bone marrow and blood stem cell transplants for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood-related diseases,” Siegel said. One of Siegel’s duties is to participate in the first-ever […]

Former dean of SFS returns as special advisor

After retiring at the end of last December, former Dean of Student Financial Services Peter Giumette has returned to Brandeis in a new role. Serving as Senior Advisor to Interim President Lynch, Giumette has a new set of duties he seeks to accomplish. “I am responsible, along with the Director of Special Programs Orla O’Brien, […]

Lemberg Center a valuable resource

Every Tuesday, Lily Elderkin ’18, walks into the Lemberg Children’s Center to be greeted by a group of enthusiastic toddlers. They run up to her shouting “Lily!” and surround her, each giving her a hug. Since Lily supervises toddlers, aged 22 to 32 months, each day is full of rowdy and playful excitement. Kids at […]

Sorensen Fellows reflect on summer internships

Each year, through Brandeis’ Sorensen Fellowship, students accept summer internships around the globe in order to translate social justice into action. The International Center for the Ethics sponsors the program which allows students to examine issues pertaining to the environment, inequalities, ethics and many more important topics. The fellowship is a three-part process. In the […]