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Survey will gauge student satisfaction with campus operations

To fill out a survey announced in an email from Jim Gray, vice president for operations, students must consider how satisfied they are with sustainability efforts, building maintenance, campus safety and management of construction projects.

“We take great pride in our work and we strive to provide excellent service, but we truly can’t know how we are doing without feedback,” said Gray. The results will help the operations department improve its services, he said, reporting, “To the best of anyone’s knowledge, this is the first time Campus Operations has asked the full community for feedback on its services.”

The survey asked students to designate if they are satisfied with heating and air-conditioning around campus and with plumbing and electrical maintenance, needs and services. Students had to consider their satisfaction with management of campus construction projects. Brandeis undertook many projects over the summer, including renovations to Sherman Dining Hall, North Quad and the campus bookstore.

In regard to campus safety, the survey asks students to consider how safe they feel on campus, with questions relating to student interactions with campus police and the student-operated Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo), as well as the blue light system—blue lights found around campus with intercom systems connecting students to the police dispatch center for emergency and nonemergency situations.

Students must consider their satisfaction with the BranVan and Joseph shuttle services that provide transportation around campus, Waltham and to Cambridge and Boston.

Sustainability is another component of the survey, inquiring about the prevalence of recycling receptacles, recycling education efforts, bike and pedestrian friendliness, as well as overall university efforts to conserve energy use.

Brandeis implemented “Turn It Off” days this summer, encouraging those on campus to reduce energy consumption on exceptionally hot days. Last spring, the university’s Task Force on Sustainability recommended full divestment from fossil fuels, however The Brandeis Hoot reported that members of Brandeis Climate Justice are unsatisfied with the board of trustee’s lack of response to the recommendation.

The survey also asked whether students are aware of the Environmental Health and Safety department and its services, whether they are satisfied with its response time, fire evacuation procedures, handling of hazardous waste and laboratory safety procedures among other points.

“Campus Operations is responsible for maintaining a safe, comfortable and attractive campus environment that supports the university’s commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and research,” said Gray. He listed a wide array from of departments facilities to dining that fall under his umbrella and are “used by every member of the campus community.”

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