Volleyball drops three in first round of UAAs

This past weekend, the Brandeis volleyball team competed in their first conference action of the season in the University Athletic Association Conference tournament hosted by New York University. The team is led by head coach Alesia Vaccari, who is in her second year with Brandeis, and assistant coach Alyssa Broccoli who just starting her first […]

Women’s soccer wins homecoming game in overtime

The women’s soccer team pulled off a win on Homecoming weekend against Washington University on Sunday, Oct. 18, after falling to the University of Chicago Maroons 1-0 on Friday, Oct. 16. The score of the conference match-up was 1-0 with a golden goal occurring in overtime as parents, students, alumni and animals from the petting […]

Brandeis Democrats back Faculty Forward movement

Leaders of Brandeis Democrats support Faculty Forward, non-tenure-track faculty working to form a union, arguing that non-tenure track faculty deserve fair pay, benefits and compensation that will ultimately improve the quality of education on the Brandeis campus. Last week, faculty gathered in the wake-and-shake area between Usdan and the library to promote their campaign for […]

Josh Gondelman ’07 encourages students to follow their dreams through their work

Your career should be something you love, said Josh Gondelman ’07 when he spoke at the Meet the Majors event for Film, Television and Interactive Media on Monday. The Emmy-nominated writer for his work on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” on HBO spoke to students about his job and the process he went through to […]

Surviving Sodexo: A Vegetarian Hot Pasta Salad

This week’s Surviving Sodexo features a dish made by Allison Plotnik ’18, a copy editor for The Brandeis Hoot. Plotnik, a vegetarian who prefers not to eat “just cold kidney beans,” mixes her protein with hot vegetables and pasta to make what she likes to call Hot Pasta Salad. Below is a delicious dish for […]

Cohen speaks about past experience studying ethnic conflict in Yugoslavia

Arielle Cohen ’99 went to the former Yugoslavia in the summer of 1998 as one of the first Sorensen Fellows to volunteer at the Center for Antiwar Action. There, she witnessed the region deal with war and ethnic conflict. Cohen spoke about her experience as a Sorensen Fellow, a program that finances students’ summer internships […]

Embrace Student Union’s transparency efforts

Student Union President Nyah Macklin ’16 has emphasized the importance of increasing transparency among students, the Student Union and the administration. She believes it is the Union’s job to keep students informed of the inner workings of the university so that students are not “left in the dark,” a complaint that the student body has […]

Clubs are more than just a pastime

Brandeis may have its faults, but one thing the university excels at is student involvement through a variety of clubs. There is a club for everything here, from the pole-dancing club, to gamers, to a cappella, even The Hoot. Anything you can imagine is a club on this campus, and if by some odd occurrence […]

Lydian String Quartet masterfully pays tribute to Robert Koff

In celebration of Robert Koff, whose contributions to music are far-reaching, the renowned Lydian String Quartet performed as part of Brandeis University’s 2015-2016 concert series. Performed on Saturday, Oct.17 at 8 p.m. in Slosberg Music Center, the concert showcased the wonderful musicality of two violins, a viola and a cello. Koff, who passed away in […]

Contemporary and classic concert mediates between the clarinet, flute and piano

This past Sunday, Oct. 18, as part of Brandeis University’s 2015-2016 Concert Series, flautist Jill Dreeben, clarinetist Todd Brunel and pianist Elizabeth Skavish took center stage with their performance, “Contemporary with Classic: Music with Flute, Clarinet and Piano.” The night brought many surprises, including two premier pieces, and an energetic group of artists that would […]

‘The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged’ stings with unprofessionalism

Honest Accomplice’s “The Birds and The Bees: Unabridged” is a devised, touring piece performed at Brandeis on Oct. 14. Devised theater is a particularly unique concept, because it proves beneficial not only to the viewers, but also to the actors, who create the piece themselves. The opportunity to perform your own work is a rare, […]

Journalist and activist speaks about immediacy of climate change

Journalist, climate activist and author Wen Stephenson said climate change “demands a radical response,” during a speech on Thursday, Oct. 15 where he discussed his writing and activist efforts in areas such as divestment from fossil fuels. Stephenson spoke about his new book “What We’re Fighting For Now is Each Other,” to over 40 Brandeis […]

Women’s rugby improves with new coaches

The women’s rugby club team is a hidden gem of the athletic department. The team was founded in 2000 and has continued to develop a close-knit community since its foundation. Some recent successes from the team came last season when the team won both of its games on the first day of the Beast of […]

Inclusivity to be theme of allies training

The Brandeis Allies Training Program was established in order to train people to be allies to the LGBT community. To be a part of this group of Brandeis allies, one must participate in the program and sign the Allies Pledge. Operated through the Intercultural Center (ICC), there will be two training sessions this semester, on […]

Despite purpose, social media erases voice

I live in a world where people are being replaced. Not by robots, but by anonymity. Cell phones have replaced face-to-face conversations, Twitter has replaced phone calls and Tinder has replaced dating. Physical action has become unnecessary; people are finding more and more ways to remain in the safety of their own homes or behind […]

Director of Public Safety calls on all to improve roadway safety

Drivers and pedestrians at Brandeis need to increase their commitment to safety, according to Brandeis’ Director of Public Safety, Ed Callahan, who said he “receives complaints almost daily about speeding vehicles and near accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists,” in an email to the Brandeis community on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Callahan addressed specific concerns for roadway […]

The Harry Potter Alliance—social justice enabled through new culture

The Brandeis Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is not a fan club. They are an activist organization devoted to making change in the world through pop culture-based campaigns, dealing primarily through the lens of movies and television shows. Describing themselves as “Dumbledore’s Army for the real world,” the organization is a national non-profit run largely by […]

Visiting poet addresses issues of ethnicity and culture

Bobby Gonzalez, a writer and multicultural motivational speaker, spoke at AHORA’s Thursday, Oct. 22 coffeehouse in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Native American and Puerto Rican author of “The Last Puerto Rican India: A Collection of Dangerous Poetry” and “Taino Zen,” Gonzalez is also a storyteller and poet and has been to many colleges to […]

Lack of tolerance toward undocumented immigrants shocking

When you think of America, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If I ask the old me—the 11-year-old me, to be specific—I would probably have responded with baseball and hot dogs. However, maturing and moving to Brandeis University has allowed me to see life through a bigger scope. I have become more […]