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Brandeis University parties a bit too hard to T-Pain’s killer beats

In the loom of finals period, Brandeis Student Events annually organizes Springfest, a free concert in which several artists come to campus and create a joyful stress-free environment. Many students enjoy the experience because aside from immersing oneself in beautiful music, the event gives them a reason to dress in spring clothing and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

To start off the event, Foxtrax entered the stage full of energy despite the gloomy weather. Rain was not going to stop the fun and the crowd was excited to hear the music. I was fortunate enough to stand in the front row because it meant I had the chance to really catch sight of the interaction between the performers and the audience. At some point, a group of girls danced while Foxtrax performed. Other girls screamed “Oh, they’re so hot!” Boys nodded their head to the beat of the music. It was a nice way to start the concert because everyone was happy. Everyone simply bonded through this event. It goes on to show the power of music.

Next up was Metro Boomin, a famous, upbeat DJ. Over the course of his career he has worked with Future, Young Thug and Drake. Everyone screamed and jumped up and down; the music made them this excited. As Metro Boomin performed, more and more students appeared. Chapel’s Field grew crowded. People shoved and many tried to sneak up front. It is an unspoken social norm to “pre-game” before going to a social event. Though many intended to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana to make the concert more exciting, there were people who were taken to the hospital because they were too intoxicated and needed medical assistance. Rumors have been spread that BemCo received about 27 Bemco calls that day.

Though there were some concerning incidents, the concert continued on. The Internet performed next. The crowd loved the band. The Internet’s soulful songs boomed through the loudspeakers and touched the hearts of many people, especially the heart of a particular fan named Aly Thomas ’18. This young woman screamed her heart off, declaring her absolute love for the band. The lead singer, Syd the Kyd noticed Thomas. She smiled, created a heart with her hands and signaled it to her number one fan. Thomas nearly fainted with happiness. Later on, the band played a song called “Just Sayin/I tried.” Syd the Kyd introduced the song by telling the crowd to think of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and sing “You F***ed Up” when she pointed her microphone to the audience. Everyone loved it. The crowd screamed with passion when the microphone was pointed towards them. At the end of the Internet’s performance, the drummer broke his drumsticks, signed them and handed them out to the crowd.

After the Internet left the stage, the crowd waited in anticipation. The moment that they had anxiously been waiting for had finally arrived. T-Pain was performing! Ironically, this was the moment the rain started to pour. Some umbrellas were pulled out and opened. When T-Pain was finally on stage, the audience went wild. T-Pain’s dancing and singing were just off the charts. There were some people who worried they wouldn’t be able to sing along, but many of the songs were throwbacks and most people sang along. Most people jumped up and down. Some people screamed. His charisma also made the audience love him; he was an astounding performer. Springfest was overall an event that no one will ever forget.

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