Remember to practice self-care

College students are often told to practice “self-care,” and honestly, it makes sense. Students constantly struggle so much with managing their different responsibilities that their health and well-being usually become less of a priority. This leads to stress, anxiety, exhaustion and mental burnouts. Speaking from personal experience, self-care helps deal with all of these issues […]

Racism exists here

I was hesitant in sharing this story, but I decided to do so because it is important for all people to know that these experiences do happen. The other day I was walking calmly to Sherman. I was planning on eating brunch. On my way there, I talked to my dad on the phone. An […]

Documentary illuminates civil rights struggle in public schools

I have recently made the decision to pursue a license in teaching. My love for children is simply that great. As a result, I am currently taking Education 100A, Exploring Teaching (Elementary and Preschool). This class is absolutely phenomenal as it introduces the world of teaching with not only insightful readings, but also with critical […]

Reclaiming my name

On Sept. 1, I posted the following status on my facebook wall. This has been on my mind for a while, but I have now made up my mind. Starting from this moment on, I am reclaiming the Spanish pronunciation of my name. No longer do I want to be addressed as An-juh-la. My parents […]

Deborah Bial’s Posse

On Dec. 16, 2013, my parents shook me awake from a nap. They handed me the phone and I groggily grabbed it. “Hello?” I answered. “Is this Angela Mendez?” “Yes, this is she.” “Hello! We are currently calling from the Posse Foundation, and we are happy to announce you have been selected to become a […]

The Keys to feeling comfortable in your own skin

What started off as a metaphor has now grown to be a truly powerful movement embraced by many. Alicia Keys’ #nomakeup movement has sparked important conversations about societal beauty standards and the obligation people feel to uphold these standards. This movement has inspired numerous people to not only have pride in their natural beauty but […]

‘Big Love’ and ‘Martyr’ featured in fall theater season

’Tis a new academic year, and excitement is overflowing everywhere, especially within the art scene. The Department of Theater Arts showcases different theater productions yearly. Many look forward to seeing how each theater production will unfold because the performances will be without a doubt spectacular. Below is a brief introduction to two such shows, “Big […]

This year’s VMAs blows open doors with outstanding performances

MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) typically prove to be one of the most exciting events of the year as they leave the audience in awe. This Sunday, Aug. 28 was no exception. The VMAs are a breath-taking award ceremony that incorporates several musical performances by well-known vocalists. This year, the VMAs were hosted at Madison […]

Brandeis University parties a bit too hard to T-Pain’s killer beats

In the loom of finals period, Brandeis Student Events annually organizes Springfest, a free concert in which several artists come to campus and create a joyful stress-free environment. Many students enjoy the experience because aside from immersing oneself in beautiful music, the event gives them a reason to dress in spring clothing and enjoy themselves […]