Rooftop farm has another fruitful summer

What began as a student project over a year ago has now flourished into one of Brandeis’ most successful sustainability projects. Located on the roof of Gerstenzang, the Brandeis Rooftop Community Farm started as a project in Professor Laura Goldin’s (AMS) experiential learning course, “Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving Environmental Sustainability of Brandeis and Community.” […]

Orientation diversity programming more thorough than past years’

Brandeis’ 2016 new student Orientation is full of events meant to critically engage first-year and transfer students with challenging issues facing the Brandeis community and beyond. These events confront new students with issues surrounding race, class, gender and mental health, among others. During their very first week on campus, students will not only learn how […]

Women’s soccer look forward to bright future

While everyone moves back on campus this August, the Brandeis Women’s Soccer team has been working hard on campus since Aug. 18 to get ready for the upcoming season. Coming off a hard loss against William Smith in the NCAA Tournament in the Sweet 16, the Judges have been working hard to come out even […]

A fresh new start for Brandeis Women’s Volleyball

Brandeis women’s volleyball advertised a young team during the 2015 season, sporting nine first-year players and only three seniors to lead them. It was a rocky season for the Judges, but they enter the new 2016 season with a fresh attitude, boasting new experience the team lacked last year. The team attempts to rebound from […]

Cross country takes off running for new season

The coming season is an especially exciting one for Brandeis’ cross country teams since this is the first time that both the men and women have a chance to qualify for the NCAA Cross Country Championships together. In the past both teams have made it, but they have not made it together since 1992. Head […]

Brandeis Welcomes New Director of ICC

Madeleine Lopez will start work as the Director of Brandeis’ Intercultural Center (ICC) this school year. Lopez has extensive experience in both high school and higher education, as well as in advising undergraduate students. Before coming to Brandeis, Lopez served as the founding director of the Cultural Awareness Center at Hamilton College. Prior to that, […]

Univ. examines general education requirements

Brandeis is reexamining its general education requirements this year, and this summer students provided their feedback regarding the benefits and drawbacks of each requirement through a survey sponsored by the Taskforce on General Education. The survey asked students to comment on which requirements they found useful and which they found easy or difficulty to complete. […]

Mark Bradford to represent U.S. at La Biennale di Venezia

In addition to new exhibitions and artists on display, the Rose offers another piece of exciting news—Mark Bradford, a frequent collaborator, visitor and contributor to Brandeis and the Rose, will be the representative for the United States at La Biennale di Venezia 57th International Art Exhibition. The Rose, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of […]

Rose Art Museum ushers in an amazing array of new installations

A new semester marks a long-awaited time for art enthusiasts in the Brandeis community—a new set of exhibits at the Rose Art Museum! For those of us who are new to Brandeis, the Rose should soon prove to be one of the highlights of our campus. Especially in recent years, following the installation of the […]

Teenage artists contribute to MFA’s latest exhibit “HOMiE”

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is the fourth largest museum in the United States, and with many newly opened galleries, it is definitely worth a visit. The building is massive, cycling through traditional art on each continent and sprinkled with special exhibitions for Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo, to name a […]

Brandeis offers exciting classes to fulfill the creative arts requirement

One of the many great things about Brandeis University is the wide variety of classes that the university offers to fulfill course requirements. One may be so busy loading up on science or math courses that they may forget about fulfilling their creative arts requirement. The world we live in tends to overlook the arts […]

The pop singles that electrified the summer of 2016

“Cheap Thrills” by Sia Certainly no stranger to the world of songwriting, 40-year-old singer, Sia Furler, has yet again made her mark in the world of pop music with her latest single “Cheap Thrills.” With its catchy hook “Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight (I love cheap thrills!),” the song evokes […]

Brandeis in Siena impassions students’ love affair with the Renaissance

As the summer of 2016 quickly comes to a close—a summer which, by the way, was full of glorious nights and mildly hot weather—some students’ study abroad experience also comes to a sudden halt. One of Brandeis’ most exciting fine arts-centered opportunities, the Brandeis in Siena Program boasts an amazing studio art driven class coupled […]

International students arrive on campus

Soon, our beautiful Brandeis campus will be welcoming many new students. While many students will come from the United States, nearly 20 percent will hail from outside the country. While many of these international students may bring anxieties to campus, the opportunity as Brandeis students to interact with different cultures is invaluable. Brandeis offers many […]

Your 2016 Student Union: ready for another great academic year

Brandeis University’s undergraduate Student Union, which acts to bridge the gap between the student body and administration, is constantly dealing with issues of unfamiliarity. Many students, although aware of its existence, remain unaware of the Union’s purposes and activities to achieve those purposes. Enter the 2016/17 Student Union, which will be working around the clock […]

Brandeisians split over presidential race

“Divisive” is an understatement when describing the 2016 election. This election cycle has been punctuated by episodes of violence, hatred and senseless argument. Tensions have been particularly high at America’s colleges and universities, since they are historically politically charged environments. Brandeis is a particularly political university. “Social Justice” is one of our guiding principles, and […]

Fix Brandeis’ deeply flawed financial aid system

Recently, I spoke to an old family friend who is currently attending the University of Tulsa, and the topic eventually steered itself to financial aid and how we were managing with our loans and paying for our schools. She confessed to me that her mother was short roughly $2,700 for the new year, with no […]

The college transition: easy for some, not so much for others

August can lead to the beginning of something great, a long anticipated dream becoming a reality: attending the university of your dreams. It could also be the polar opposite: the inception of a dreadful nightmare. Some may think they are capable of recreating the incubus survival plague to which many of them, now transitioning as […]

Don’t boo; vote.

“Don’t boo; vote.” It was with those words that President Obama delivered the most electrifying words of his 2016 Democratic National Convention speech. Electrifying for a simple reason: because while small and amusing, those three words carry our destiny. Full disclaimer: I am a Democrat. I am the president of the Brandeis Democrats, I have […]

Embracing Global Perspectives: Engaging with International Students

As a liberal arts institution, Brandeis drives its students to explore and experiment with new perspectives and ideas. Our campus is saturated with advertisements for courses, workshops and seminars on finding these mysterious viewpoints. An outside observer might believe that such viewpoints were hard to come by, given the vast amount of resources dedicated to […]