God and man at Brandeis

What I aim to find abroad is a different academic culture, not to have the “finding oneself” experience that so many study abroad programs are sold to be. More than that, I want to be in an academic culture that’s more nurturing and enthusiastic, rather than hostile and divisive. What I aim to find during […]

Autoclave misuse must be addressed

Rosenstiel Basic Medical Science Building is where the many undergraduates spend time, as it houses 13 labs. As such, one of the most visited rooms in Rosenstiel is the autoclave room on the second floor. The autoclave room contains three large machines for washing dishes and five autoclaves. Imagine how heavily these machines are used […]

The first day: a time for fresh starts, new beginnings

The only feeling that rivals the one felt upon a student’s first approach to Brandeis University on move-in day is the feeling of returning there for another academic year. The sunshine that glimmers off the glass exterior of the Shapiro Science Center upon ascending Loop Road is breathtaking; the summer colors abound magnificent. During the […]

From the Student Union President: Welcome to Brandeis!

My name is David Herbstritt, and I am thrilled to be serving as the President of the Brandeis Undergraduate Student Union this year. On behalf of our organization, I want to welcome everyone back to Brandeis. If you are joining us as a new student, welcome to the community! Many of you probably do not […]

All-female ‘Ghostbusters’ cast vanquishes the patriarchy

The reunion of director Paul Feig with actresses Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig would lead you to think that they are up for another touchstone success of the exact same magnitude that “Bridesmaids” (2011) enjoyed—both a commercially and critically successful film. The succinct answer, however, is an outright no. “Ghostbusters” (2016) manages to remain afloat, […]

Brief: Summer construction increases campus accessibility

Brandeis is scheduled to complete renovations to East Quad and Sherman Dining Hall by the start of the fall semester, with updates to the Pomerantz residence hall completed in time for occupancy. The university added a lift in Sherman to make the space more accessible for the students, faculty and staff who use it, and […]

Alcohol Task Force continues to seek policy updates

Brandeis administrators and members of the Brandeis University Alcohol Task Force are working to update alcohol policies after multiple alcohol-related hospitalizations during Springfest and Senior Week last semester. Alcohol consumption has long been a topic of concern on college campuses, and Brandeis has many resources both to help students with substance use concerns and to […]

Orientation 2016 kicks off

This year’s Orientation committee has been working to create a more in-depth Diversity Walkthrough, an event that discusses diversity through performances. This year, the program will be composed of five rooms with different themes: allyship and advocacy, gender and sexuality, socioeconomic class, race and racial identity, intersectionality and mental health and disability. The theme of […]

Uretsky appointed Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Stewart Uretsky, former vice president of the Brookings Institution, has been appointed Executive Vice President (EVP) for Finance and Administration at Brandeis University. Uretsky will be taking over from Steven Manos, former chief operating officer and senior vice president. Uretsky’s appointment was announced August 12 in an email from University President Ron Liebowitz. The EVP […]

The Hoot Scoop: Every first-year’s guide to the art scene in Boston

It’s the beginning of the year, you’re new to Brandeis and you’re probably wondering, “Where’s the art?” You’re in luck, because this is Boston, and the art scene abounds. 1. The city’s biggest and most comprehensive collection is the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). This museum is huge, free with a Brandeis ID and easy […]

“The Secret Life of Pets” is its own movie

When many people heard about “The Secret Life of Pets,” they assumed it was merely a “Toy Story” knockoff. While both films have similar story elements, other variables differ. “The Secret Life of Pets” has a plot that surrounds the idea of what pets do when their owners are away. Some chug out of toilet […]