The CA experience: challenging, but rewarding

Oh, to be a CA. A constant friendly face to pass on the way to the bathroom, a trusted confidant to help you get acquainted to new ways of life and simply great citizens of the community in general. Many might ask why one would want to be a Community Advisor, as it comes with […]

PHOTOS: Move-in 2016

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Drastic dining changes need student input

With so many issues that Brandeis students have to worry about on a daily basis, dining services shouldn’t be one of them. Yet this year Sodexo has implemented numerous dining changes that have caught returning students off guard and upset many who rely on campus dining options. This year, Brandeis Dining Services have changed so […]

New dining options and hours met with mixed reviews

Brandeis updated its dining hours and options this semester, deciding to open Upper Usdan on the weekend for the first time and close Lower Usdan to offset costs, among other changes. The news was met with mixed reactions as students returned to campus. Other updates include new options in Upper Usdan and Dunkin’ Donuts being […]

City of Waltham should not have torn up South St.

Late this summer, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan announced in an email to the Brandeis community that the City of Waltham’s Department of Public Works had begun an asphalt milling and repaving process, which would “be ongoing for the next several weeks.” That was August 11. It’s now Sept. 2, and there seems to […]

Brandeis begins new tradition to celebrate religious plurality

Tables of Brandeis’ religious, political and spiritual groups lined half way around Massell Pond on Friday, Sept. 26, starting around 9:15 p.m. This new event, In One Place, was designed to celebrate Brandeis’ far-reaching multiculturalism and will become a year-opening tradition.  The event is based on the Jewish custom of Shabbat “oneg,” a gathering that […]

‘Sausage Party’ is overcooked, overhyped, and overrated

With only a precious few days of summer remaining and little left to look forward to, “Sausage Party” opened in theaters, raising my hopes and dashing them beautifully. While reviews I’ve heard by word-of-mouth as well as the 83 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes suggest the film was a success, I was left cringing at […]

DCL finds a ‘balance’ between two lock-out systems

The Department of Community Living (DCL) has updated the procedure for when students are locked out of their rooms. While last year a new lock-out policy was put into place which allowed Community Advisors (CAs) access to master keys, this year that access to master keys has been restricted, according to an Aug. 23 announcement […]

Meet the DCL community

DCL: what we know and what we should know What is DCL? DCL is the Department of Community Living, or more specifically, the department responsible for residential life on the Brandeis campus. The umbrella of residential life responsibilities includes housing assignments for students living on campus, the hiring and training of Community Advisors (CAs) and […]

Univ. updates Rights and Responsibilities

A new process in the updated version of Rights and Responsibilities facilitates conversation between parties involved in sexual harassment cases, according to an Aug. 19 email from Director of Student Rights and Community Standards Kerry Guerard. Rights and Responsibilities contains many new changes including two key changes involving sexual misconduct.   The non-sexual misconduct changes […]

Booker’s Exhibition showcases wonderful complexity in sculpture

Since the beginning of the summer, Chakaia Booker’s exhibition “SpeakEasy” has been available at the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) in the Kniznick Gallery. The exhibition will remain at Brandeis until Nov. 4. It is no surprise that Booker’s work is currently on display at the Kniznick: The gallery is committed to feminist exhibitions of […]

Helicopter parenting: doing more harm than good

If you have not yet, I suggest you take a look at the Brandeis Parents Facebook page. Proceed with caution: What you will find is both equally enlightening and disturbing about the parents of Brandeis students. It is not a fair sample, as not many parents are very active on social media and have no […]

Adjunct faculty optimistic entering contract negotiations with administration

Brandeis adjunct and part-time contract faculty members are in negotiations with administration after forming an official union in late May.  The union’s first session did not include any negotiations. It consisted of the faculty planning and presenting their goals and philosophy to the administration. They have since had three sessions total (one being their opening […]

QUESTION: What Makes This Presidential Election So Significant?

The 2016 presidential elections are approaching, and as is often heard every four years, this election has been described as “significant.” On the one hand, this could be the year that we make history and elect the first female president. Meanwhile, Trumpites are salivating at the prospect of “Making America Great Again.” Many of those […]

This year’s VMAs blows open doors with outstanding performances

MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) typically prove to be one of the most exciting events of the year as they leave the audience in awe. This Sunday, Aug. 28 was no exception. The VMAs are a breath-taking award ceremony that incorporates several musical performances by well-known vocalists. This year, the VMAs were hosted at Madison […]

Food without integrity: Chipotle and social responsibility

It is no secret that college students love Chipotle. I frequently find their discarded burrito boxes and trademarked elaborately decorated soda cups littered across common areas and even on campus grounds, a testament to the brand’s popularity. Chipotle seems to represent what our generation wants most in food, something quick but not too quick. Something […]

Brandeis fencers compete overseas

Just before school started, four Brandeis fencers traveled to Wuxi, China, with Coach William Shipman to compete in the Absolute USA-China Collegiate Fencing Invitational. From Aug. 18-23, American, Chinese and Korean fencers faced off as well as traveled in Wuxi and Shanghai. In years past, South Korea hosted this event, then known as the Korean-USA […]

‘Big Love’ and ‘Martyr’ featured in fall theater season

’Tis a new academic year, and excitement is overflowing everywhere, especially within the art scene. The Department of Theater Arts showcases different theater productions yearly. Many look forward to seeing how each theater production will unfold because the performances will be without a doubt spectacular. Below is a brief introduction to two such shows, “Big […]

Brandeisian bow and arrow

Have you ever wanted to get involved in club sports on campus? Have you ever wanted to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen? If you answered yes to either question, then the archery club may be for you.   The Brandeis Archery Club is led by president Krishna Narayanan ‘17, who has been shooting since his […]

Profs. Almeida and Kim win impressive Foster Prize

Among this year’s winners of the prestigious James and Audrey Foster Prize from Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) are two Brandeis Fine Arts department faculty members, Sonia Almeida and Lucy Kim.   The Foster Prize, which has been awarded every other year since 1999, recognizes promising artists working at a national or international level […]