Student Union welcomes new members

There was a discrepancy in number of candidates and voter turnout across the races in Fall Student Union elections, with results released early this morning. There were 10 candidates running for Class of 2020 Senator, six for Massell Quad Senator, but only one student each running for the positions of Ridgewood Quad Senator, Ziv Quad […]

Univ. should fully commit to diversity and inclusion efforts

After spending the summer interviewing candidates for the position of Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), the search committee, with the aid of the search firm Witt/Kieffer, has chosen four finalists to meet with the Brandeis community in the first three weeks of September. Brandeis students are encouraged to attend these meetings to evaluate the candidates and […]

Don’t read this; did you vote?

On March 11, 2016, The Brandeis Hoot’s Editorial Board published an editorial titled “Don’t read this, go vote!” to pre-emptively spur more students into voting, instead of characteristically panning low turnout after the fact. According to an article in The Hoot in the following issue, “1,053 out of a total 3,610 undergraduates voted for president. […]

Search narrows for Chief Diversity Officer

Brandeis is implementing new diversity training sessions and continuing the search for a Chief Diversity Officer, according to an Aug. 29 campus-wide email updating the community on Brandeis’ diversity and inclusion efforts. These changes arose from demands made by students and faculty in the Ford Hall 2015 movement last year. The CDO will be responsible for […]

Two-alarm fire on Highland St. displaces 11

The Waltham Fire Department was called to 53 Highland Street on Monday, Sept. 5 at 1 p.m. following reports of heavy smoke. The two-alarm fire displaced 11 people, but no one was inside the house by the time firefighters arrived, according to a report in The Waltham News Tribune. Approximately 30 Waltham firefighters and four […]

Putting in Work

It comes as no surprise that college can be extremely expensive. Oftentimes, the cost of college tuition and fees is the sole deciding factor of whether or not a student may attend the school. However, for those torn between schools over the cost, a work-study program is an advantageous approach to enrollment. Genna Karp ’18, […]

The science of a work study

Abigail Tatnall ’20 is a first-year at Brandeis with an interest in majoring in psychology and linguistics. Being a college first-year comes with an already jam-packed schedule filled with classes, clubs, sports and friends. A work-study job is the cherry on top of a mountain of stress for many of those participating in the program. […]

Deborah Bial’s Posse

On Dec. 16, 2013, my parents shook me awake from a nap. They handed me the phone and I groggily grabbed it. “Hello?” I answered. “Is this Angela Mendez?” “Yes, this is she.” “Hello! We are currently calling from the Posse Foundation, and we are happy to announce you have been selected to become a […]

A conservative perspective: What is the most important environmental issues in this election and what actions do you hope to see from the next president?

The Great Green Debate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each hold distinct views on the environment in their campaigns for the upcoming election. However, while many liberals in the media would like to focus on “climate-change,” not enough coverage is devoted to the economic consequences of these views. Hillary Clinton characterizes coal and natural gas […]

Student Financial Services: a look into work study – Grace Krumpack ’19

HSSP and biology or neuroscience double major, member of the varsity volleyball team, active participant in her off-campus church and devoted Waltham Group volunteer—this student scholar, Grace Krumpack ’19, finds peace in her work-study job at the info booth in the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC). “This has been a really awesome getaway,” said Krumpack. With […]

Lemberg more akin to play than work-study

There are many interesting work-study opportunities at Brandeis University, a particularly noteworthy one offered at the Lemberg Children’s Center. Lemberg is a daytime childcare and early education center that serves young children, toddlers and infants. Brandeis students with work-study have the opportunity to be a teaching assistant (TA) for Lemberg staff. TAs are typically assigned […]

Student Financial Services: a look into work study

Students frequently associate Student Financial Services (SFS) with the overwhelming tuition bill they get every semester. SFS, located on the second floor of Usdan Student Center, however, deals with a wide variety of exactly what the name suggests: financial services. One such program is work-study. Work-study is a financial aid program that allows recipients to […]

Restore the Oxford comma to The Brandeis Hoot

We invited Brandeis’ heroes, Christopher Columbus and Joseph Stalin, to our time travel party. At this point you’re probably confused. In fact, you may be thinking something like, “Wait! Those aren’t Brandeis’ heroes. We don’t like those people at all. They are bad people.” Well, you’re right. They are bad people, and the reason for […]

‘Asian American Experience’ course takes root at Brandeis

Twenty students are enrolled in “The Asian-American Experience” this semester, an American Studies course that brings to light the role of Asian-Americans in this country’s history. The course is taught by adjunct lecturer Patrick Chung, a Ph.D. from Brown University. The course, which is the first Asian-American Studies course to be offered at Brandeis in […]

The Keys to feeling comfortable in your own skin

What started off as a metaphor has now grown to be a truly powerful movement embraced by many. Alicia Keys’ #nomakeup movement has sparked important conversations about societal beauty standards and the obligation people feel to uphold these standards. This movement has inspired numerous people to not only have pride in their natural beauty but […]

Brandeis wins three straight

On Sept. 1, the Brandeis women’s soccer team faced off against the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in their season opener at home. The Judges are ranked 13th in the Division III national poll by the National Soccer Coaches Association of American. The Judges started off strong with Sam Volpe ’19 assisting Lea McDaniel ’17 […]

Community Councils expanded past first-year quads

For the first time, all residential quads have a community council—a group of students who plan programming for the residents and represent the quad in talks with the Department of Community Living (DCL). The idea of community councils has evolved over the past few years. In 2014, students in the first-year hall Deroy implemented a […]

Pine and Foster saddle up in American Western “Hell or High Water”

“Hell or High Water” is a modern American western starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster as Texan brothers who decide to rob the banks that are trying to take their family’s ranch while a near-retired policeman (Jeff Bridges) and his Native-American partner (Gil Birmingham) track them down. Many film fans such as myself consider this […]