‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ whines its way to glory

After 12 years, the third installment of the “Bridget Jones” (2001 – 2004) film series has finally been released. When Working Title Films announced its intention to make another film back in 2009, several problems arose after the announcement. In fact, the director of “Bridesmaids” and most recently “Ghostbusters: Answer the Call,” was reportedly going […]

Vote on Indigenous People’s Day deferred to faculty

The University Advisory Council (UAC) did not hold a vote to change the name of “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day” on Brandeis’ academic calendar at their Thursday meeting, despite a student-led campaign and a Change.org petition that has accumulated more than 500 signatures this week. They will instead leave the decision to a faculty […]

Exploring Brandeis’ labs: Zoe Brown ’17

Zoe Brown ’17, a senior majoring in neuroscience and psychology, is currently in the middle of writing her senior research thesis. An observation of Brown’s years at Brandeis, this thesis might determine that she is conducting the research for it from her second home, the Memory and Cognition Lab at Brandeis University. Brown has been […]

Brandeis Quidditch: bringing Hogwarts to Waltham

Eleanor Kalman ’20 made the decision to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express in her first year at Brandeis and participate in the nationwide frenzy of college Quidditch. Brandeis Quidditch was founded in April of 2010, and since then, the team has grown exponentially, culminating in 30 current members who finished 13th at the 2014 Northeast […]

Brandeis increases funding for diversity programs

Brandeis awarded $23,995 to more than 10 departments hosting events advancing diversity and inclusion efforts. A total of 11 events or trainings received funding and will take place throughout the year.  Over the summer, departments applied for funding that the Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences allocated for academic departments to advance diversity and […]

Student Union gathers information regarding dining changes

Sodexo’s decision to close Lower Usdan and open Upper Usdan on the weekends was not based on a lack of money but on the desire to give students more options. Full-service dining halls used to be the primary option for most of the weekend. Sodexo looked at weekend foot traffic in the full-service dining halls […]

Financial specialist discloses university budget

Financial consultant Kermit Daniel, speaking to Brandeis community members at a presentation on Thursday, Sept. 22, reported that because Brandeis is such a complex university without the size, wealth or specialties of its competitors, funding the university in a sustainable fashion has been, and continues to be, an issue for Brandeis. “Brandeis has a structural […]

Faculty should approve change to Indigenous People’s Day

A recent student proposal is petitioning the university to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day in the academic calendar in order to counter an American history that has displaced Native Americans and since overlooked their cultures and narratives. Keeping the holiday with its current name reinforces an appreciation for Christopher Columbus, who embodies the […]

Exploring Brandeis’ labs: Spacial Orientation Lab

If you enter the left building of the Rabb Graduate Center you will be surrounded by offices where much history, philosophising and other fine humanities research occur every day. But below these historians and philosophers, down a “U”-shaped staircase and through a door you will find fascinating and interdisciplinary science laboratories at Brandeis and, likewise, […]

Exploring Brandeis’ labs: Rebecca Simon ’19

Opportunities to work in a lab are multitudinous at Brandeis. Many college students find research to be an incredibly rewarding experience that offers helpful skills for future careers. For students who aren’t interested in working in a hard science lab, there’s the Lifespan Development Psychology Laboratory. This is where Rebecca Simon ’19 discovered undergraduate research. […]

Exploring Brandeis’ labs: Jeremy Koob ’17

Like many students at Brandeis, Jeremy Koob ’17 has the opportunity to work with scientists on groundbreaking research. A chemistry major doing research in both the chemistry and biochemistry departments, Koob thinks that research, despite its complexity and time-consuming nature, is “cool.” For his chemistry research, this means “designing new catalysts for changing the way […]

UCLA prof. analyzes Israel-Palestine conflict

A UCLA professor said the Israel-Palestine conflict will not be resolved until Israel, Palestine and European nations admit responsibility. Placing sole blame on anyone is a narrow “two-dimensional way” of viewing the issue, he said, addressing at least 50 people on Sept. 20.  “Anyone who regards Israel as singularly responsible for the conflict or, for […]

To vote or not to vote?

This election cycle has brought about a wave of political vitriol and polarization; jingoism and nativism confront the corrupt status quo. In the wake of this political mess, many well-meaning students have absolved themselves of the issue entirely, having not found a cause with either of the nominees. Discussion on a liberal college campus seems […]

Documentary illuminates civil rights struggle in public schools

I have recently made the decision to pursue a license in teaching. My love for children is simply that great. As a result, I am currently taking Education 100A, Exploring Teaching (Elementary and Preschool). This class is absolutely phenomenal as it introduces the world of teaching with not only insightful readings, but also with critical […]

Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day at Brandeis

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you might have noticed a page titled “Vote to Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day at Brandeis.” This page has received a lot of traffic from Brandeis students and organizations, gaining endorsements from several clubs and individual students. The Facebook page connects users to a Change.org petition demanding […]

Brandeis alumnae strive to empower women with FanMail

If one were to watch a comic book movie, aside from action and heroic triumphs, one element that they would definitely see is the oversexualization of women. From Black Widow to Catwoman to Harley Quinn, women in comics are often appreciated more for their physical attributes than for their actual skills. However, two Brandeis alumnae […]

Brandeis Dining: not perfect, but progress made

When the changes to Brandeis Dining were announced this past summer, I was admittedly skeptical of any positive effects they might have. Fortunately, sometimes in life we receive reminders to not always jump to conclusions. While not perfect, I believe that there has been some solid progress made in the quality and availability of food […]

The issue with housing

As we continue to adjust to the new semester and prepare ourselves for the first round of midterms, we have all, for the most part, cozied into our rooms as best as we can. Our residence halls are a hub of a place to sleep, a pantry to store snacks and an area to study […]