Marching is only the beginning

In the wake of the many women’s marches around the country, it is easy to think that after such a large outpouring of support—the women’s march in Washington, D.C. alone was three times the size of Trump’s inauguration—the marches were a unilateral success and showed the solidarity of the nation’s women. However, not all women […]

Women’s fencing earns a mid-week win

In an annual mid-week clash, the women’s fencing team defeated Wellesley College 16-11 Wednesday, Jan. 25. Captain of the team, Nina Sayles ’17, reported that the Judges have remained undefeated in meets against Wellesley since the 2013 season. Each year, the team takes on Wellesley in a one-on-one meet. The bouts occur in a small […]

Resistance and punching Richard Spencer

The Brandeis campus is not alone in its treatment of the controversial inauguration of Donald Trump. Many students have rightfully expressed their moral and political disagreements over his election, and in the inauguration’s aftermath, many actions have been taken to show the populace’s disagreement with Trump’s platform. Among these actions were the multiple Women’s Marches […]

Women’s Marches and the meaning of unity

The day after the inauguration, the largest march in Washington, D.C.’s, history began. The D.C. Women’s March included about half a million participants, and had smaller sister marches in almost every major city in the country. Naturally, a protest this enormous was involved in some controversy, mostly over women’s “unity” and the various identity groups […]

Arguello ’17 secures position with General Electric

For most students, getting a job after graduating that is not only relevant to one’s career goals but also exciting, is merely wishful thinking. Graduating college can come with fears of unemployment and also the fear of lacking passion for the job which they ultimately hold. For Michael Arguello ’17, these fears do not exist […]

Brandeis students turn out for Boston Women’s March

At least 50 Brandeis students attended a march of over 200,000 people that began in Boston Common last Saturday, according to the Boston Women’s March for America. The march, taking place one day after President Trump’s inauguration, called for a collective effort to resist infringement on women’s rights. The Women’s March for America that took […]

Student Union looks to fill empty positions

Students filled every seat available in the Student Union office for an information session about union candidacy on Wednesday, Jan 25. Approximately 15 students are running for the available positions. Midyear, senator-at-large, Ridgewood, Ziv, Charles River/567 and the Mods seats need to be filled. Senators represent their constituency in votes, propose amendments, hold office hours […]

Farewell to the Castle

It has been a week since I moved out of the Castle and into my Ziv, and with all of these changes I could not help but reflect on my time in the Castle—the edifice that will be torn down and replaced, the monumental Brandeisian structure that will forever remain in history instead of before […]

Politics professors speak on Trump presidency

Around 60 people attended the “What to Expect from the Trump Presidency” panel discussion sponsored by the politics department last Wednesday. The panel included politics professors Robert Art, Shai Feldman, Lucy Goodhart, Jill Greenlee and Jeffrey Lenowitz. “The new administration’s political philosophy and policy agenda for the most part remain unknown because Trump has a […]

Getting down to business with TAMID

With the current state of the U.S. economy set to shift in the future, what better time than now to join TAMID? TAMID is a student-led business organization that connects students with the Israeli economy by teaching them business and professional skills through consulting and fundraising. It spans across 30 campuses and is so enticing […]

Brandeis saves money by signing solar agreement

Brandeis signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to reduce the amount of money paid for electricity bills through virtual net metering, a process in which solar energy is installed at an off-site location and then shared among those who are part of the agreement. Virtual net metering utilizes a bill crediting system for solar energy. […]

Men’s swimming earns two wins in doubleheader

The Brandeis women’s swim team started off their season this school year with a 2-7 record and a ninth-place finish at the Gompei Invite in Worcester on Saturday Jan. 21. The men’s team came into the new year with a record of 2-6 and also a ninth-place finish at the Gompei Invite. The men’s team […]

Academy Awards answer calls for change

The first film to have obtained 14 Academy Award nominations—a record at the Academy—was “All About Eve” (1950), a movie about actors (Hollywood loves rewarding itself). That record wasn’t tied until the blockbuster “Titanic” (1997) came along. Now, with the recent announcement of the 2016 Oscar nominations this past Tuesday, Jan. 24, “La La Land” […]

Social justice stays with Spector come May

People don’t realize how much power businesses have in terms of improving human rights, explained Heather Spector ’17. Spector is set to kickstart her career with a business consulting role at Accenture, “a strategy, consulting, digital, tech and operations” firm, after graduation. A double major in business and computer science with a minor in Social […]

‘Fool for Thought’ WSRC exhibit stuns with puns, underlying messages

Performance artist Pat Oleszko, whose art is on display in the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC), unraveled the absurdity of her work to a full house in the Kniznick Gallery on Wednesday, Jan. 25. Faced with a burning bra, boob costume, crocodile, polar bear, life-size cactus costume and more, gallery visitors immediately pulled out their […]

Prof. Breen finds humanity in history

Professor Daniel Breen of the Legal Studies and American Studies departments is well known for his interesting and relevant courses in which he combines his undoubted excitement about the law with an impressive ability to convey the personal and societal significance of legal issues. Breen’s success in teaching is in part the result of his […]

Track and field continues season mid-break

For the average Brandeis student, winter break is a time of relaxation, far away from Waltham. However, for Brandeis’ men’s and women’s track and field teams, winter break was spent on campus practicing and preparing for two meets, including the 2017 Reggie Poyau Invitational. The Judges tied for third in this meet, which was both […]

Alexander’s ‘The Vigil’ conveys urgency for immigration law reform

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, filmmaker Jenny Alexander came to speak as a guest in Brandeis course, Documenting the Immigrant Experience, bringing particular focus to her film “The Vigil.” Along with the members of the class, students and faculty of other departments, such as Romance Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies, were invited to the […]

Sodexo rings in the Lunar New Year with traditional Chinese foods

Brandeis University dining services celebrated Lunar New Year this Thursday, Jan. 26 by offering Asian barbecue, soups and entrees in Lower Usdan and Sherman dining halls during dinner. Under Sodexo, this is the first time the dining halls put together an event for the Lunar New Year. Even though the new year will not begin […]