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Getting down to business with TAMID

With the current state of the U.S. economy set to shift in the future, what better time than now to join TAMID? TAMID is a student-led business organization that connects students with the Israeli economy by teaching them business and professional skills through consulting and fundraising.

It spans across 30 campuses and is so enticing not only due to the beneficial skills it has to offer students for their careers, but also for being apolitical and nonsectarian, meaning anyone can join regardless of affiliation, according to the official website.

TAMID works to prepare each new generation of students to become entrepreneurs. In an era of dominating digital businesses, TAMID is an essential resource for passionate enterprisers to learn how to navigate startup companies and the economic realm.

In TAMID, members can learn the basics of entrepreneurship, from interactive consulting to building business models for potential startups.

According to the national TAMID website, while some students may want to join to learn more about Israeli culture and economic strategies, others pursue the organization to learn useful networking and persuasive presentation skills, such as public speaking and finance skills.

“TAMID allows me to apply the knowledge I’m gaining in the classroom, specifically in my business classes, to real work for Israeli start-ups,” says Harli Starr ’19. “I love that I can immediately use my education to further my passion for business and I am simultaneously helping a new company. I also love that TAMID has a fellowship in Israel, which places students at start ups and allows for even more hands on experience, and I am excited to participate this summer!”

TAMID provides students with the opportunity to engage in “comprehensive educational programs, interactive consulting projects with startup companies, and student-managed capital market research teams,” according to its website.

Select members may also be chosen to embark on an all-expense-paid fellowship in Tel Aviv, Israel, working for innovative companies—a worldly and educational experience.

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