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In the Senate Oct. 14

The Dining committee reported that, at the weekly meeting with Sodexo, the committee gave Sodexo all of the feedback received on Facebook from the student body. After many requests to have Lower Usdan open during the weekends, the committee decided to send out a survey to better quantify this need. An idea that proposed exchanging unused meals for points was also discussed. 

The Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund (CEEF) discussed two proposed ideas: the installation of a TV in the the SCC Atrium, where various events on campus are to be advertised, with the goal of engaging more people, as well as the development of a new app, BRENDA. BRENDA is supposed to combine all current apps, including Rider, GET, LaundryView, Bite, etc.

According to senator Aaron Finkel ’20, from the Service and Outreach committee, students are “gobbling down” the Turkey Shuttle Tickets, with three buses already sold out. The Senate also passed a motion to provide the remaining necessary funds for the Turkey Shuttles.

The Club Support committee reported that it rejected the proposal to start a Fitness club, due to the proposal being in the wrong format and uncertainties in regards to whether a sufficient amount of students want the club. It is also continuing to help clubs get ready for the A-Board marathon on Nov. 1.

The Sustainability committee is trying to find a better way to communicate with the student body, particularly with first years, about the various sustainability initiatives in Brandeis. One proposal was to reach out to the Community Advisors and get their help. The Health and Safety committee proposed moving the cigarette disposers further away from the entrance to the library and buying condoms to put in residence bathrooms. 

Senator Alex Chang ’22 continued discussing his proposal of putting pianos in the lounges in freshman quads. Chang found pianos that are being given for free, therefore the Senate only has to pay transportation costs, which would add up to around $150, according to him. To avoid conflict, locks will be put on the keyboards of the pianos during quiet hours; final details are being discussed with the Department of Community Living. The idea is to be further discussed and voted on during the next Senate meeting. 

The Senate concluded the meeting with with a discussion of the Presidential All-Campus Event, which will occur on Monday, Oct. 29, at 1 P.M. at the Sherman Function Hall, where President Ron Liebowitz will discuss his plans for leadership at Brandeis. 

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