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In the Senate, Oct. 28

The Senate passed a motion to fund the Social Justice and Diversity Committee’s event, which focuses on allowing the student body to learn more about different religions and how they can coexist together on campus. It will take place on Nov. 8.

The Dining Committee reported that they gave Sodexo student feedback, and that soy sauce packets are now available in Usdan. Dining hall thanksgiving working hours will be announced on Nov. 1. The report also urged students to attend the larger meeting in December to help create the menu for the dining halls. The committee is also trying to get a shelf for toppings for ice cream. The idea of having cones for ice cream was also discussed.  

Senator Linfei Yang ‘20 urged the Senate to endorse a letter written to President Liebowitz by the students who have a documented disability. The letter expresses their frustration because there are certain things on campus that are not accessible to them. Some of the demands in the letter include an open forum to discuss facilities and a position on Student Union to represent students with disabilities.

The Services and Outreach Committee is working on making sure that everything is ready for the Midnight Buffet. The Health and Safety Committee is continuing their work on their tampon initiative. They also reported that there will be therapy dogs brought to campus during finals week. The Sustainability Committee presented the idea of a swap shack, where students can leave behind clean microwaves and fridges at the end of the year, so someone can use them the next year. They also reported that their meetings are now on Mondays. 

The Club Support Committee urged the Senators to remind club leaders that they have to attend one of the upcoming trainings to be able to get funding. It also reported that the Jewish Feminist Association presented to the committee, and was given another probationary term. The Union said that the association has not been having weekly meetings and has low interest in the club.

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