‘A Taste of Ghana’ showcases unique talent

On Friday, Nov. 16, the Music Department hosted “A Taste of Ghana,” giving select musicians the opportunity to showcase drum and dance pieces from Asante, Ewe, Ga, and Dagomba Traditions. The event featured 12 pieces, including members of Brandeis’ own Ahenema Cultural Group, Fafali, which is made up of Brandeis students, as well as special […]

Banshee encourages sportsmanship and community

One of the great things about Brandeis’ campus is the opportunity to play a sport without the commitment of an NCAA team. One of the featured clubs on campus is our women’s frisbee team, Banshee. Started in 2002, with two girls who wanted to enjoy the nice weather on an August day, Banshee has tradition […]

Brandeis students discuss gun violence

Ten Brandeis community members joined in a conversation about the effects of gun violence, on Tuesday night in the Christian Lounge. Students and members of the chaplaincy who attended the event spoke about the personal feelings and insecurities they deal with living in a society which has seen mass shootings in schools, churches, synagogues and […]

What is at the intersection of psychology and prejudice?

Everyone has preconceived notions about the world around us; it is a fact. But where do these prejudices stem from and why do they exist? Jeremy Simon, a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology, was one of the five doctoral students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) to receive the 2018 University Prize Instructorship […]

Students discuss issues for Transgender Remembrance Day

Brandeis students commemorated Transgender Remembrance Day by discussing different statistics and issues relevant to the transgender community in the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) office on Monday, Nov. 19. The event was organized by the GSC and began with GSC Program Administrator Ryan Mishler introducing the history of Transgender Remembrance Day, which began after Rita […]

Who critiques the critics?

Jonah Koslofsky ’20 and Noah Harper ’19 are two guys who like to write about pop culture and occasionally review Brandeis productions. This week, they’re going to have a conversation about criticism in general. Shade… might be thrown. Jonah: So, Noah, about a month ago, the parody account known as “The Brandeis Bagel” uploaded a […]

UTC’s ‘Godspell:’ ambitious and intriguing

Why “Godspell?” Of the countless stage plays and musicals available to Brandeis’ Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC), of all the possible material that would bring out the best in Brandeis performers, why choose a seventies pop-rock re-imagining of the New Testament for this year’s fall production? I imagine this question must have popped into the mind […]

Rosalía brings flamenco-tinged chamber pop to the masses

The Catalonian artist Rosalía’s new album “El Mal Querer” presents a step forward for the traditional flamenco genre. For her, too, the album is a step forward, a large transition from the low-fi aesthetics of her first release, last year’s “Los Ángeles.” It’s an expansive, grandly-produced electronic evolution of flamenco. The singer’s strong voice and […]

‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ captivates through characters

The Department of Theater Arts’ production of Annie Baker’s “Circle Mirror Transformation” explores the life and relationships of its characters through the unique setting of a theater class. Coming into the first scene of the play, the audience is given very little to work with in terms of exposition, just the cast sitting on the […]

An attempt to define and address a particular sort of bullying in universities

When one thinks about the term “bullying,” they are likely to have a relatively specific and stereotyped representation in mind. It seems we are all most familiar with the way we were taught to look at bullies in grade school onwards—peers attempting to exercise power over one another with violent language and actions. We see […]

Adagio exemplifies supportive arts community

While I can’t tell a sashay from a plié, by all accounts, this semester’s show from the Adagio Dance Company, “Take a Chance on Dance,” demonstrated a vibrant, supportive arts community on campus. The 18 dances included performances to songs such as “I Like It” by Cardi B, “Streetcar” by Daniel Cesar, “Believer” by Imagine […]

Finally a step in the right direction: fossil fuel divestment

Finally. After over five years of petitions, presentations, resolutions, committees, panel discussions, protests, more committees and more presentations we are able to celebrate a step in the right direction: The trustees approved new policies regarding our investments in fossil fuels in light of the climate crisis. It’s not what students had hoped and campaigned for. […]

10 million scholarship grant to be given to Japanese scholars

Former alumnus Toshizo “Tom” Watanabe ’73 recently donated $10 million to Brandeis to create the Toshizo Watanabe International Scholarship Program (TWISP), a scholarship to assist graduates and undergraduates from Japan to study at Brandeis, according to Brandeis Alumni & Friends. This scholarship is the single largest donation from an international graduate student, according to an […]

Casanueva leads the Judges to a win against Salem State

Brandeis women’s basketball broke a three-game losing streak with a win against Salem State University on Tuesday, Nov. 27. The away game ended with a 13-point Brandeis advantage, with a final score of 74-61. The Judges gained their largest lead throughout the first half of the game, putting up an impressive 24-point first quarter. The […]