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Senator introduces amendments changing Allocations Board powers

Student Union Senator Aaron Finkel ’20 introduced two amendments that would give the Senate additional powers to oversee Allocations Board policies and would allow the Senate to overturn a presidential veto of the A-Board’s policies, rule of orders or specific allocations, according to Finkel. The amendments were introduced after growing divisions between the A-Board and […]

Board of Trustees takes a step towards divestment

We appreciate the Board of Trustees’ decision to adopt policies related to fossil fuel divestment. While the new guidelines are small steps, and a lot of work still needs to be done, they are making steps nonetheless towards divesting from fossil fuels, and this marks an improvement in the Board’s willingness to hear and respond […]

After Board of Trustees vote on divestment, advocates push for more

The Board of Trustees adopted new investment policies related to fossil fuels in a November meeting with President Ron Liebowitz, according to a campus-wide email sent Wednesday. In interviews with The Brandeis Hoot, campus advocates for divesting university funds from the fossil fuel industry said the new policies are a good first step but do […]

Liebowitz releases second report into campus climate

President Ron Liebowitz released a second report from independent investigators who were tasked with examining the Brandeis athletics department and the larger climate of campus. The report was issued after former Brandeis Men’s Basketball Coach Brian Meehan was fired last year over allegations of discriminatory and abusive conduct against African-American and Jewish players. The report […]

‘Through Lines’ series changes perspectives on Rose artwork

The current collection at the Rose Art Museum contains the works of 35 male artists and six female artists. Furthermore, there are only seven artists of color. On Saturday, Nov. 17, Sheida Soleimani, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, used this lack of proper representation as an introduction to a discussion of […]

Federal gun regulation should follow in Massachusetts’ steps

Every time I check the news, there always seem to be two topics that I always read about: the Trump administration and another mass shooting. I’m not surprised by the former; President Trump always has some scandal going on—whether it be a shady employee or the new buzz in his Twitter feed, he never ceases […]

Interpretations of art consumption in the #MeToo Era

The #MeToo movement is, undoubtedly, a crucially important revolution in the gender culture of corporations and industries. #MeToo revealed to the mainstream public the exploitation of power discrepancies that was taking place among celebrities and directors through social media and news outlets. The majority of instances took place between men of higher power in the […]

Scholar lectures on navigating gender bias

A Brandeis WSRC Scholar, Edie Chears, Ph.D., shared advice for women navigating gender bias in the workplace on Tuesday in Lieberman-Miller Lecture Hall. Chears, a researcher on women’s advancement and improving human performance, lectured about her findings on gender-based obstacles to a room of nearly 30 women and two men. Chears’ presentation was centered around […]

Women’s cross country places sixth in historic NCAA performance

The Judges headed to a cold and windy Wisconsin golf course to compete in the NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships a few weeks ago. After placing fourth at the New England Championships at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, M.E. the week prior, the Judges earned a bid to compete nationally for the first time since […]

‘Becoming More Visible’ documents transgender lives

On Nov. 12-19, the Gender and Sexuality Center held numerous events for Trans Awareness Week, a week-long celebration leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance, which commemorates victims of anti-transgender violence. The purpose of this annual celebration is to increase visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming communities and bring awareness to the issues often faced […]

Platinum Step Team brings rhythm to campus

Ever wanted to try out dancing, but feel you have no rhythm or coordination? One club on campus can help you with that: the Platinum Step Team. Platinum is a relatively new dance group on campus specializing in the style of step dance. Stepping is a unique dance style that focuses on the rhythm of […]

Brandeis Asian American Task Force posted timeline in library

In most cases, Asian American history is touched upon in high school history classes as a small unit or topic to educate students on the timeline in which Asian Americans immigrated to the United States. However, many people are, in fact, unaware of the racism and prejudice that Asian Americans dealt with during their immigration. […]

Petition asks Liebowitz to endorse carbon pricing

The Senate Sustainability Committee (SenSus) delivered a petition asking President Ron Liebowitz to endorse a Massachusetts carbon tax earlier this week. The petition, which was endorsed by the Student Union, is said to have garnered 161 signatures. A group founded at Amherst College called Students for a Massachusetts Carbon Tax helped coordinate the petition, according […]

University Press of New England to close after 50 years

After being founded almost half a century ago, the University Press of New England (UPNE) will close at the end of the calendar year due to financial instability, according to an article from Publishers Weekly. UPNE is a publisher that publishes for scholars, educators, students and the general public. It publishes about 60 works and […]

Academics discuss challenges facing democracy

Three authors met to discuss their separate research on the state of democracy and to evaluate how all of their works intersect in a panel event, “Democracy in Danger,” on Nov. 19 in Rapaporte Treasure Hall. Quinn Slobodian, Nancy MacLean and Yascha Mounk agreed that the United States’ current political system is flawed in representing […]

Innovative legal studies class teaches appreciation of diverse legal systems

Every year, Brandeis introduces a multitude of new, innovative classes. For those who are looking for a unique class next semester within the legal studies department, “Native American Tribal Legal Studies” could be a class worth looking into. Anyone who enrolls in this class can be sure that they will be taught by a seasoned […]

Lecture remembers pioneer of women in science

Members of the Brandeis community gathered at the Women’s Studies Research Center to hear Dr. Pnina Geraldine Abir-Am speak about the legacy of Carolyn Cohen, the first woman professor of biology at Brandeis. Cohen was a professor at Brandeis for almost half a decade before retiring. She passed away in December 2017. Geraldine Abir-Am focused […]

The ongoing success of Emily Bryson

The success that Emily Bryson ’19 has had throughout her career here at Brandeis is no secret. As successful as she is on the track and in cross country, she has been just as accomplished in her studies. She is a double major in Biology and HSSP with a minor in French and francophone studies. […]

Student Union vice president and treasurer resign

The Student Union Vice President and Treasurer are resigning, according to an email sent from the Union to the student body Tuesday, Nov. 27. Both positions must be filled by the end of the semester, according to the email. Vice President Benedikt Reynolds ’19 is resigning to focus on his personal health. He expects his […]