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In the Senate Jan. 27

The Senate voted to publish a public comment in regards to the changes in the revised Title IX regulations announced by the US Department of Education. It will also encourage individuals to send letter to the Department of Education.

The Senate also passed a change to the Bylaws proposed by Kent Dinlenc ’19 and Leigh Salamon ’19, which means that if someone is removed from a position on the Student Union, they cannot run for any Student Union position for one academic year.

 The Senate also voted on Dinlenc’s proposal to rename the Bylaws Committee, “Rules Committee” and the COW-G Committee to “Campus Operations Committee.” After a long deliberation, the vote passed. “Bylaws isn’t sexy, rules is sexy” concluded Dinlenc.

Adrian Ashley ’20, the Student Union Treasurer attended the meeting to update the Senators on the finance situation of the Union. Anytime a Senate Money Resolution is passed, Senators are to go to Ashley to find the best way to make the purchases.

Student Union Vice President Aaron Finkel ’20 reminded the Senate that the Student Union retreat will take place on Sunday, Feb. 3. Finkel also introduced the idea of Union Awards, the “Ollies,” where at every meeting a student or a group that stood out as doing good work in the Brandeis community would be acknowledged.  He also reminded the chairs of Senate committees about the meeting they will, where they are to provide a plan for the semesters as well as a list of members.

The Sustainability Committee reported that it is continuing its work on making sure that there are recycling bins in all residence halls, a project that will cost “less than pianos,” according to Committee Chair Dinlenc. The Health and Safety Committee discussed an idea of having bystander training for students, but with psychological health. 

The Campus Operations Committee is working on an appreciation day for Brandeis workers. The Club Support Committee reported that it is working on updating the Brandeis Club Guide. Massell Quad Senator Kendal Chapman reported that there was no water in the Shapiro residence hall for a week.

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